Monday, May 19, 2014

DRAMARAMA, by E. Lockhart

The book “Dramarama” by E. Lockhart gave me a different look and feel while reading this book. I felt as if I had a personal connection with the story. while reading the book, it was not obvious that I was reading a book, more like a movie playing. As soon as I opened the first page, a movie started to play in my head. With the first page being dialogue like a play when Demi says “Is it on?” (pg.1), an image and movie played in my head.

The story is a girl and a gay boy meeting at a small ordinary town. When the girl meets the boy she finds her soul mate, but since he is gay, her best friend who she loves. He brought out the real her, she finally has the chance to be herself and talk about theater and classical films and music. No one in her town liked that type of stuff. “Sarah’s dull, mild and boring. Are you dull mild and boring?” Asked Demi (the boy) (pg. 20). When they both auditioned for a school of the arts, they decided to change Sarah’s name to Sandra.

This audition was just what they both needed to get themselves out of the small boring town they were in. THEY WERE BOTH ACCEPTED. It was a great experience for them, but of course you put a whole bunch of theater kids together there definitely WILL be tension, drama, and conflicts. Everything you can think about, is in this book. Tears, Sweat, laughers, fights, love triangles, broken hearts. It’s a journey for these two “ordinary” kids.

T perform isn’t to show

To speak isn’t to tell

To act isn’t to pretend

To dance isn’t to move

Its more then to show , to perform is to express. To speak is to be heard, make a statement. To act is to change and adapt. To dance is to explain words and feelings with your body.

The Afterlife by Gary Soto

This Novel The Afterlife by Gary Soto is an interesting book and at the same time confusing,this Novel is about some adolescents that are in High School, but their lives change as time is passing by life’s circumstances.

They have a normal life as everyone,but when the time is passing they will have problems with each other,Rachel,Chuy and Eddy the Three friends all them are Mexicans.

One day Chuy was in the school's bathroom in a mystery guy with yellow shoes entered too and stabbed him on the back,Chuy started to Bleed without control while the mystery guy was gone.Chuy died.Then he became a ghost and returned,but like ghost,no one could see him,just feel his presence.

Before Chuy die he thought no body cares about him.After he dies, he sees that people actually do care about him. Chuy says to himself, "My parents, followed by Uncle Richard and my mom's comadre, Carmen, entered with their faces lowered.They had stopped crying but their eyes were red"(56).Chuy could walk through walls, and walk much faster than ordinary steps.When Chuy visited his parents,they were very sad.

Chuy's mom wants Chuy's best friend, Eddy, to kill Yellow Shoes so that they can avenge Chuy's death.They had a conversation."I want you to do it. Eddy looked away. Come on mi'jo you can do it. I can't. It's wrong"(59). Here Eddy is facing one of his problems by deciding not to kill Yellow Shoes because he knows that Chuy wouldn't want that to happen and it is wrong to take revenge.

Chuy feels lonely that he cannot communicate with anyone.Chuy is getting frustrated when he cannot say goodbye to his "girl", Rachel. Chuy says to himself, "I looked down at the mirror on the floor. I couldn't see myself, only a crack in the ceiling. I want Rachel to be my girl. My loneliness was as deep at that mirror"(46).

Then Chuy met a girl named Crystal and she died of an overdose of drugs. She killed herself because she was confused about what to do. Chuy and Crystal fell in love with each other and they both lived life as a ghost as they slowly vanished into thin air.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Ball, Mike Lupica


The book “ Summer Ball” by Mike Lupica is by far one of the best books I have ever read! The thing about this author is he is really good with his writing and seems to take his time to make sure that the reader enjoys the book. He is really good at making the story get more interesting after every chapter. After every chapter you just want to read more and more. He is really good with describing every action that is going on. When you’re reading it you feel like you’re in the stories, because of how good he writes the story.

Danny, a young basketball player, has always been one of the best players on his team, and even every other team he’s played on. He is just like his dad when he was little. His dad was an NBA player for quite some time. So Danny gets all from his daddy. The fact that he is short sort of brings him down and his goals because he is afraid he will never grow.

Danny is going to this summer camp and he realizes that he is one of the smallest guys there. This kind of brings him down, but what brings him down the most is a really good player named Lamar. Lamar was also part of the camp and he is really good and tall. After hearing about Lamar, Danny, fakes an injury to try to get sent home from the camp. Danny ended up getting some encouragement from a friend and decides to stay at the camp. Danny and Lamar’s team go against each other and Danny’s team wins the championship.

This book is a great book and I think after you read this book review it’ll give you the need to read this book. So if you haven’t read this book go read it yourself and experience a good book for yourself. I never usually liked to read books but after reading Mike Lupica, I kind of enjoy reading now, like honestly!

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Losing Season, by Pat Conroy


Lebron Raymone James, that’s his name

Pat conroy does not play the same

Lebron is a hall of famer

Payton Conroy is a average college player

Bron is black and famous

Conroy is white and nameless

But they both work hard

Both have tuns of money

SO Much its not funny

                                                           My Losing Season

             The book My Losing Season was a great book for the first hundred pages that I read.  It is teaching me a lot, not only about basketball but life outside of high school. This autobiography is written by Pat Conroy who is also the main character.  The book jumps around in settings but it mostly takes place in Orlando, Florida.  My experience from this book was good because I can relate to it. For example, when his dad asks him, “you were afraid today weren’t you?” after the game was common to me because that is what I hear after a bad game. .  The word choice Conroy uses is very basic but he uses crude language to put an emphasis on key moments.  Another example is when his coach says “I could tell you were chichenshit scared to check into the game.” There were two other main characters, one of the best players on the team and Conroy’s best friend.  The main conflict is Conroy’s team trying to win games but they continue to lose.  The only knock of this book is that it’s hard to follow. Other than that, anyone who really likes basketball will find it interesting. He opens the book by saying, “I was born to be a basketball player, but not a good one.” As a basketball lover that instantly makes you think what he did to become a college player. So not only did I learn and get a grade but I also learned a lot about the game and life itself in just the first couple chapters.

World After by Susan Ee

Think of a world where there were less humans more apocalyptic angels and a whole mess of madness. World After by Susan Ee, the second book to the Penryn & the End of Days series, is a book that has a world like that. The second book continues on from the traumatic experience Penryn went through with the angels and the scorpion angels after finally finding her sister. When she finally wakes up everyone freaks out because they thought she was dead. Her family is now seen as the deranged family at the camp that some surviving humans live at. The angels forever changed Paige, Penryn has resurrected, and her mom is far away from sanity. Penryn has been separated from Raffe, an angel that had helped her find her sister, and the only thing she has left of him is his sword and the swords memories of Raffe. "One second, the sword is coming down on the squirrel. The next second, the sword is being held up to an azure sky. The fist that's holding it is Raffe. And the sky is not my sky." (62-63). When Penryn thinks that her family can be together again Paige runs off and Penryn goes to find her in the huge state of California.

World After is an amazing book that can catch the eye of any teenager who like the idea of an apocalypse, evil angels, and sci-fi. The book was very interesting and transition's smoothly from the first book without forgetting little details that some people would forget. For example like when Penrynst saw an angel from the first book and how he had a pair of girls with him like trophies. "Matching pairs of girls. Archangel. An image of Uriel the club with his matching terrified women comes to mind." (193). Ee also makes sure to include the emotions of a teenager like pain. "In my training, I've been hit, punched, kicked, shoved, slammed, and choked by all kinds of opponents. But nothing hurts as much as a slap from your mom."(98). Fear. " I curl into the corner, trying to get as far from her as i can. She'll twist anything I say to fit her crazy logic then throw it back at me." (97). And the feeling when your hopes or dreams are crushed. " ' The world going crazy doesn't mean your mother isn't still crazy, too.' I pull back from her. I wasn't thinking that. Not really. But did she have to steal that possibility away from me?" (111).

One thing I realized in this book is that even though the world goes to (shit) crap there is still hope and happiness with in things. The world may change but we are still the same person we were before. Everyone had hope for the life they had before and for the ones who lost hope they tried their best to be happy in the world they have. The ones who had hope they tried to get back their old lives. There’s always a light in the darkness, you just have to look for it.

Creative response: (Audio monologue)

The angel apocalypse is upon us and it sucks. I hate having to hide every day again. I finally got my sister back. But now my family is seen as the freak shows of the camp. I wake up after being stung by those creepy scorpion angels, my sister has been changed forever, and my mom is still the crazy women she was before. Now I need to keep what Paige hidden and my angel sword hidden. My mom thinks I'm the devils bride. And Paige ran away and I have to find her again. What if I see Raffe again? How will he react? Will he have his wings back? Will he even want to see me? Ugh! I'm suppose to be worrying over what dress I'll be wearing to prom not what will happen if the angels get my sister or if I'll see Raffe again after he thinks I'm dead!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel a vampire romance novel, not just any old vampire romance novel. The 600 year old British vampire queen Lenah Beaudonte decides she has had enough of being immortal. She wants to feel her heart beat, the sun on her skin, and to have her lungs fill with air. Lenah, who gets transformed back into human by the love of her life, her created named Rhode. But being human comes with a price tag, it would give her coven a shock and her love would be dead for good. In becoming a human she is going to have to attend a boarding school, learn new technology and fit in with a whole new society. While her coven is unaware that she will be human again her other “love” won’t be happy. Besides that fact that she is 600 years old she looks like the age she was when she was turned. Which is 16.

Maizel’s novel infinite days is a book you’ve never read before. She put a whole different meaning to a “vampire novel”. The story line is fantastic and has a plot twist you would never suspect to happen. Your probably thinking it doesn’t sound much like a romance, but believe me Lenah has a dead boyfriend, a lover from her coven, and a crush on the most popular guy in school, not mention a secret admirer. I’m not going to lie, you will be disappointed when the book ends, it’s so intense and you just don’t want it to ever end.

MLA citation: Maizel, Rebecca. Infinite Days: A Vampire Queen Novel. New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2010. Print.

Creative Response: A poem from a website, the author is anonymous. 

Hind sight is such a funny thing
So true that you never know
What you go until its gone

The things that were so 
Annoying and irritating
Overwhelmed all that was good
And pure

Nothing left but sad memories of
What was, what is, what could
Have been what we will never be

Love has fed upon our souls

To me this poem connects to the main character Lenah and her former lover Rhode. In Infinite Days Rhode has made a lot of tough decisions in his life in order for Lenah to be happy. Not all memories she has of him are the best.