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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

As I continuously read the striking fictional novel, Catching Fire, written by Suzanne Collins. The novel gets more and more descriptive. It takes you through a journey and is brilliantly plotted. Readers will be attached and obsessed with the constant suspense. It feels like you’re in the character’s shoe and feel the same emotions as them. The prestigious heart pumping novel is captivating and also is a story of love, revenge, and family.

However, District 12 and others are celebrating the following tributes, which recently won the Annual Hunger Games. As the two tributes, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are traveling on tour through the districts. President Snow, President of the Capitol, has spoken to Katniss that she and Peeta must be truly in love. The future couple must convince the President and others around the districts that they are in love and must create a distraction of the rebellion. ‘’During ceremonies, we are solemn and respectful but always linked together, by our hands, our arms. At dinners, we are borderline delirious in our love for each other. We kiss, we dance, we get caught trying to sneak away to be alone. On the train, we are quietly miserable as we try to assess what effect we might be having.’’(71)  If they so ever don’t fulfill the expectations, both of them are threaten by President Snow. That he will kill the people that they truly love. They are thunderstruck with a twist that will shock others of Panem.

Once and for all Peeta and Katniss are returning to the games. They will compete with the winning tributes that previously won years before. ‘’He runs his finger under the flap and pulls out a small square of paper. Without hesitation he reads, ‘’ On the seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors.’’(172)  They must fight in till the death. As troubles arise through the Districts, people are uprising because they have hope that one day they will live in peace, equality, and happiness. Katniss is giving people hope that they can easily alter the Capitol’s duty to maintain the government. Everyone is rebelling against the Capitol. ‘’ I saw something on the mayor’s television. I wasn’t supposed to. There was a crowd, and fires, and the Peacekeepers were gunning down people down but they were fighting back…’’ ( 99) States Katniss.  Therefore, President Snow is not pleased. Katniss is the symbol of the rebellion and the key to hope. Complications arise and Peeta and Katniss must put their trust in others since they are the target and don’t have the most gifted abilities as the other tributes.

In this manner, I was hooked and impressed from the author’s work. She constructed a gripping storyline. Collins discovered a whole new chapter that set the tone for young readers. The type of readers that will enjoy this book is adventurous, romance, science fiction, and loves action. Everything was so detailed and planned substantially that it was unproblematic to follow. Collins incorporates humor, romance, and a violent storyline. She uses vivid descriptions and uses precise words. ‘’I demand an answer from myself and slowly the world comes into focus. Blue water. Pink sky. White- hot sun beating down. All right, there’s the Cornucopia, the shining gold metal horn, about forty yards away. At first, it appears to be sitting on a circular island. But on closer examination, I see the thin strips of land radiating from the circle like the spokes on a wheel. I think there are ten to twelve, and they seem equidistant from one another. Between the spokes, all is water. Water and a pair of tributes. (268)   After reading, I comprehend the scenery and imagined it in my head.

In addition to ‘’Catching Fire’’, here are some songs from the soundtracks that are truly admitted into the movie. ‘’Silhouettes’’ by Of the Monsters and Men. In this manner, it relates even though you’re in danger and in darkness be ready to execute because you’re going into battle empty handed. ‘’Finnick snaps awake instantly, rising to counter an enemy. But when he sees the wall of fog, he tosses a still-sleeping Mag onto his back and takes off. Peeta is on his feet but not as alert. I grab his arm and begin to propel him through the jungle after Finnick. (298) Indeed the song ‘’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World’’ by Lorde. The song intervenes with the people in the districts because they want to control the Capitol. Which in fact are doing a poorly job.

The author developed loyalty throughout the book, by Katniss values loyalty as much as trust. In the arena, other tributes, including Katniss have to rely on her fellow tributes in order to survive. Katniss and Peeta are loyal even though if it results in their own death. Overall, ‘’Catching Fire’’, the second book of the Hunger Games Trilogy is electrifying and has a hypnotic quality that every reader should put  on their bucket list. Think twice and consider this star- crossed book.

Collins, Suzanne. Catching Fire, Book Two. New York: Scholastic, 2009. Print






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Danger in the Desert by T.S. Fields

    The Story, “ Danger in the Desert “ takes place in  Scottsdale , Arizona and ends up like the title states  in  the desert. The biggest conflict was about Scott and his younger brother Robbie trying to get home. Scott is the older brother with brown hair and Robbie ‘s hair was red and he had freckles. Both brothers played baseball.

            The book looked more like an easy read more than an essay, but then when I started to read it , the book grabs your attention  early and doesn’t let you go. Also it made you realize, how having a cell phone on hand can solve your problems. The whole the brothers were stranded , they could have easily made a call and got safe.

                 “ Exactly ! how are we going to do this ? “ Robbie  said.
                “ I wish I could yell through the radio and tell the rescuer people to some get us!” said Robbie
                   Brother , I grasped. My Brother…”
This photo explains when Scott , Robbie older brother took a snake that somehow got in the car and Scott is trying to get him out so they can get back in

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

     The novel Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce is an action packed story with a bit of romance on the side. The March sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, grew up fighting the fenris after their grandmother was killed. The fenris are creatures with no soul that look like werewolves but they aren't your "hot", average werewolf. The don't look like wolves, more like monsters that smell horrible. The March sisters and their childhood friend, Silas, kill Fenris left and right in their small town to avenge Oma March's death and Scarlett's eye. As they fight, Rosie longs to live a normal life like Silas got to live when he went to visit his uncle. Silas tries to help Rosie be normal but she is torn between being with her sister and being normal with the person she loves.

     The two sisters have been fighting off the fenris with ease for a while but when the number of fenris in their small town decreases and the strongest pack shows up after years of staying away from the girls, they know something is up. They decide to move to the city to hunt the fenris and get rid of them for good. Things start to go good but Rosie starts getting interested in "normal people stuff". Moving to the city gives her the perfect opportunity to be normal but will it interfere with their hunt? Will it affect her relationship with her sister?

     Sisters Red is an exciting novel that teens should read seeing how it shows the struggle of trying to be normal when people do things that are different then you and shows the love life of a teen. This story is open to all readers but mainly teenage girls would like to read it. Pearce took me on an adventure with her recreation of Little Red Ridding Hood, maybe she'll take you to.


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Assassin by Anna Myers

The novel Assassin by Anna Myers is about a president and about Arbella Getchel. Arbella and Wilkes’s parents met the same way at the theater, but in different theaters. They called Arbella, Bella for short. She moved to another place because of some problems she was going through. Bella suffered a lot because she lost a lot of important people in her life. She was raised by her grandmother. “It seems he has taken to drink and card games. Your aunt says your grandfathers business is bin ruin, that your father sleeps all day and will see no one”(11). Any child grew up with their parents but Bella was one of those few kids that didn’t. Bella had to go through a lot of pain in her childhood. Met some people while she was growing up, then she met that one guy that she thought was so cute. She didn’t see him, again till she went to the white house and saw each other again “to the white house”(104). But the book Assassin alternates between Bella’s point of view in the story and kind of also the side of the story of J. Wilkes Booth. Assassin by Anna Myers is a book about romance and mystery. But in the beginning of the book it wasn’t that bad, it was just giving the information on what was going on. The book is kind of sad , romantic and has mystery in it. People suffer people die and people just have to go through a lot of pain in the book.

Life, love and the Pursuit of Free Throws by Janette Rallison, is an enjoyable book about two girls who are best friends that are competing over basketball awards and a boy. A girl named Josie who is madly in love with Ethan. The only thing is Ethan is interested in Cami. What Ethan doesn’t know is Cami doesn’t really want him. This book is totally how us High school and younger girls act.  Starts off with a girl who gets extremely nervous around the captain of the basketball team and another girl who is all about that young hoop life.

            Basketball is becoming these two girl breaking points. Having a whole team compete to be MVP yet alone to best friends going head to head for MVP. Then having the best Rebecca Lobo there to play with the special winner during halftime. But who’s he better player Josie or Cami? Life between these two girls are good and hard right now. Sports and boys all at once.

            Told from the 1st person but from two different points of view. As Mrs.Rallison who is an amazing book writer. Who was smart and learned many important things. She tells a story about the two high school girls and Ethan Lancaster. She also tells about how if your parents insisit something just go along with it.

Star-Spangled Banner by Margaret Sedeen

I had the pleasure of reading the book called Star-Spangled Banner by Margaret Sedeen. The book Star-Spangled Banner, covered from the birth of United States flag into the cold war, It based on true historical fact. In the book it starts talking about how the colonists were upset with the British. That the colonists wanted a revolution against the British. The reason for this was that the British were unfair tax in there stamps like money. Colonists rebelled and started a revolutionary war. This was the revolutionary war that began the United States. On September 1783 Benjamin Franklin signed a “Peace treaty with the British“(63). The revolutionary war was now over. The United States was now a country.

Something that I thought was interesting is that back then the US flag had fifteen stripes. ``May 1.1795 the flag of the United States be fifteen stripes alternate red and white” (51). Know it is thirteen stripes alternate red and white. To go back a little way’s on June 1776 Ms. Ross’s was asked to make the first American flag (43). It tells us about Pearl Harbor and how the Japanese bomed it during World War 2 (134). This made the US enter WW 2. Then it goes into the cold war. It shows us a picture of oil wells on fire because of Iraq during the Persian Gulf War (113).

I would recommend Star Spangled Banner to everyone. Who is interested in the history of the United States. It is truly a good book that I think everyone should read .

Morning Mist By Mary Kullberg

‘’Not just beautiful, though—the stars are like trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And watching me.’’-Haruki.Morning Mist is a book of half Haiku poems by Basho and Thoreau’s poems.This book is organized like a long Haiku poem.

Both Thoreau and Basho respond to Mother Nature. They both have a beautiful sense to Mother Nature. I clearly understood the illustrations because it matches the piece. The book had a black bird illustration on page 84.

Someone who would like this book would be someone that likes poetry. ‘’In my hut a square of light cast6 by the window moon. Nine times a rose to see the moon…whose solemn pace marks only midnight.’’-Basho page 57. This piece talks about someone looking at the beautiful moon. ’Learn about a pine, from a pine, and about a bamboo from a bamboo.’’-Basho ‘’Few come to the woods to see how the pine lives and grows and spires, lifting it, evergreen arms of light, to see its perfect success.’’-Thoreau page 78.This talks about the woods and how people hardly, go there and see how pine trees grow. “As lightning flashes zig-zag screeches of the heron, flying in the dark.’’-Basho. ’The lightning filled the damp air like some vast glow worm… opening its wings.’’ –Thoreau. This piece characterizes a bird .The bird is compared to lightning. The purpose to this book was for people to see and feel what nature does for you.

Kullberg, Mary E., Bashō Matsuo, and Henry David Thoreau. Morning Mist: Through the Seasons with Matsuo Basho and Henry David Thoreau. New York: Weatherhill, 1993. Print.

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The Black Book of Secrets
 In a European city where a boy is going to be transformed. His name is Ludlow Finch and he is a thief until his alcoholic parents tried to sell his teeth in order to get some booze. Ludlow manages to escape his unloving parents and evil dentist that wanted to take out his teeth. While his escape he gets into a wagon and travels into a far away place where there was so much trouble but not as much compared to the to the stinking city he used to live in.

            Ludlow then meets a man named Joe Zabbidou. Ludlow and Joe then become friends and Ludlow talks to him mainly about his past experience.  Joe Zabbidou saw something in Ludlow and understands that he’s a better person then just a thief and that tells him if he wants to live with him and start a new life, Ludlow accepts. Ludlow later finds out that he a secret pawnbroker but wasn’t too sure what that was. Joe later on in the book explains what his business is about and says that he talks to people about their darkest and personal secrets, writes them on a book called “ The  Black Book of Secrets “ and in return he pays them a good amount of shillings.

            Ludlow and Zabbidou both create a strong friendship through out the story, that Ludlow would considered him as a father. “Joe zabbidou is like a father to me said Ludlow”. This  wonderful book has a perfect amount of suspense and mystery. This book will give you the happiest ending ever.

Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

Killer Angels
Killer Angels by Michael Shaara is a great book to read. It is a very engaging book. It switches through people who were in the Civil War at Gettysburg in both the Union and Confederates. Such as Longstreet, Lee and, Chamberlin. This book is based off the letters and the diaries the characters wrote during the battle. It tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg and how important of a battle it was for both sides. Like “Were fighting for our freedom not for slavery but to be our own nations”(pg 47). You feel like you're there, you see how important people in the civil war were feeling during the turning point of the war. You see the emotion, stress, and the consequences of bad decisions. For instance “I have to convince 112 mutineers to join the fighting again.”(pg 67) You see the loss in war and what both sides have to lose and gain. This book would be perfect for readers who love history or historical books.


My experience with the book was great. I was really entertained with this book I enjoyed it a lot. Getting to see the view of both sides of the war was what really got me interested in it. You get to know the characters by learning their personalities and how they handled certain situations. There are a lot of symbols that puts depth into the book. Foreshadowing was another trait this book had that made me really enjoy this book, “The battle ahead will be hard and many will die but we must win this war” (pg78). Over all I would give Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, a four and a half out of 5

"So Not Me" Alexa F.

Teenagers? Where do I start?! It is crazy how every teenager is worried about so many different things. The teens in “Not So Me” are all worried about things going on. Elizabeth, Megan, Conner, Tia, Andy, Evan, Jade, Jeremy all relate to each other from one person which is Conner. One problem after another. All starting from Conner. “Not So Me” by Francine Pascal shows how so many things can go wrong or how so many things can happen.

 The whole book it goes from a simple conflict and evaluates to bigger problems.
Andy being gay but with all the attention going into Conner and him being missing, he doesn’t understand how to understand his feelings and come out to his parents. Everyone is worried about Conner which is bringing more problems. “Ever since Conner left, that is all you guys been worried about” Which added way more stress to Andy and his personal problems.

Andy is worried and confused on how to tell his parents that he is gay. Evan is in love with Elizabeth, who is Conner's girlfriend. Tia is in love with Conner, Elizabeth's boyfriend. Jade wants to be Jeremy's boyfriend. Jeremy doesn’t want anything serious. I think the teenagers handle their problems well without any adult help.

Any teenager who has ever gone through relationship problems and friendship problems will definitely love to read this book. They can relate or just be entertained to and by the book. "Don't you think  its a little weird that he want anxious to kiss me?" (146)  a lot teenage girls go through that stage with boys, where they that is all they worry about, when in reality it is nothing to stress over. But then there are problems  that not every teenager goes through like Andys or Conner's.
"Ahhh this is more like it Conner said while drinking the sour liquor" "He and his father both downed their drinks in under five minutes" (173) Conner running away from home because his family and friends (all the characters above) had an intervention for his alcohol addiction. And were he went didn't help much.

So many problems with this young teenagers seems to be over whelming. But that's what they go through everyday, trying to solve it. Do it ever get solved? Do All the problems get solved? The book had a good way in keeping me interested and wanting to know what happens next with the teenagers.

-Pascal, Francine. So Not Me. New York: Bantam, 2000. Print.

- “Ever since Conner left, that is all you guys been worried about”

-"Don't you think  its a little weird that he want anxious to kiss me?" (146)

-"Ahhh this is more like it Conner said while drinking the sour liquor" "He and his father both downed their drinks in under five minutes"   (173)

skeletons key

In “ The Skeletons Key” by Jess Mowry, Is a very descriptive and sensitive story. Its all takes place in the early 90s. The main character Jarett Ross has been neglected by his own mother, because she fell in love with her abusive drug dealing boyfriend. Jaretts moms boyfriend forces jarett to start selling drugs for him without Jaretts will. After Jarett receives the drugs he sell them and does not return any of the money to his moms boyfriend. Jarett soon relizes that his moms boyfriend is a complete physco path and jarett decides to run away because he realizes that his mom has also become very addicted to hardcore drugs. He first tried to stay in a dumpster because it was raing but quickly after he meets a fellow runaway, his name was brian. Brian ensures jarett that he can come with him and be safe and sound in a tomb at the local graveyard. Brian takes care of Jarett until cops search the graveyard and realize that the tomb that they have been hiding in was cracked open. Brians friend brett takes his own life and gets shot and killed by a cops for trying to assault an officer in the graveyard. While all that was happening brian and jarret decided to make a run for it. Towards the end of the story they both realize that there lifes are never going to be anything like they use to be. They both decide to take there own lifes after getting really high on drugs. The moral of this intense story is to never wish for anything that you would not like to come true, Because in a crazy world like ours, anything is accomplishable, even if it is under the worst circumstances

Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is a suspenseful fiction novel full of magic and romance. The story takes place in Lenmark, Massachusetts and tells the story of Cooper, Samantha, Brent, and Delilah. Copper Blake is being followed by a mysterious ghost named Samantha after waking up in the hospital after a devastating car accident. "The fact of the matter is, he was being haunted by the color- coordination challenged ghost of a teenage girl . She had appeared by his bedside when he had woken up in a hospital this past July, and neither of them knew why" (pg.6). Cooper and Samantha become good friends and Cooper wants to help Samantha get a body but does not know how. Then Cooper meets Brent and learns he has a secret power, along with Delilah, the cheerleading captain. When Cooper asked Brent if Delilah can read minds like him, he replies "No, Delilah is different. Instead, she works with magic" (pg.6). Delilah is selfish and believes Samantha has powers that she can gain. "If things go according to plan, Delilah could gain power beyond her wildest dreams, but if thing so go wrong, then she was courting a quick and painful death" (pg.99). Although Delilah seems evil, it turns out  Samantha, desperate to get a body, will do whatever it takes to finally get one.

In my opinion Token of Darkness was a good book, but could have been better. Rhodes is very good at telling a story through the perspectives of teenagers and the book is full of suspense, but I wish that there was less magic and romance, because I am not a big fan of it. However it was good enough to keep me wanting to read it. This book is meant to entertain it readers and that’s exactly what it does. If you are a fan of magic, this is the book for you!

Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Token of Darkness. New York: Delacorte, 2010. Print.

Shooter by Walter Dean Myers

In the book SHOOTER by, Walter Dean Myers. One morning of April 22, 17 year old Leonard Gray began shooting at students from a window at Maddison High School. One student was killed, nine injured. Leonard wrote “stop the violence” in blood on the schools wall, the incident led to an analysis on potential threats of school violence. A police officer, a FBI agent, and also a medical examiner interviewed and were giving reports to help determine what caused Leonard Gray to shoot down his class mates.

With the help of Leonard’s friends, Cameron Poter, and Carla Evans, had told Leonard’s personal and school life. But they told the officers that Leonard was fascinated by guns, was overdosing on prescription drugs, and made an enemies list. The analysis team discovered that all three friends were constantly getting bullied, and things at home were very rough.But for any other student at Maddison High, Leonard, Cameron, and Carla were “on the outs”,(149) as they said, and kept silent about their own abuse. But in the end, Leonard Gray wanted to “break a hole in the wall of silence”,(183) in the most violent way he knew how.


I believe that this book is very good, it gives off this message to people that have been or is being bullied. That though you may have it rough at home, you should make a better way to get your voice heard, but by doing it a safer way, don’t put others in danger. And young teens would honestly love this book because it takes place in a high school, and some people are different from others and yes people do get bullied and can’t take it anymore and put their life, and others at risk.

Myers, Walter Dean. Shooter. [New York]: Amistad/HarperTempest, 2004. Print


‘’Not just beautiful, though—the stars are like trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And watching me.’’-Haruki.Morning Mist is a book of half Haiku poems by Basho and Thoreau’s poems.This book is organized like a long Haiku poem.


Both Thoreau and Basho respond to Mother Nature. They both have a beautiful sense to Mother Nature. I clearly understood the illustrations because it matches the piece. The book had a black bird illustration on page 84.


Someone who would like this book would be someone that likes poetry. ‘’In my hut a square of light cast6 by the window moon. Nine times a rose to see the moon…whose solemn pace marks only midnight.’’-Basho (page 57). This piece talks about someone looking at the beautiful moon. ’Learn about a pine, from a pine, and about a bamboo from a bamboo.’’-Basho ‘’Few come to the woods to see how the pine lives and grows and spires, lifting it, evergreen arms of light, to see its perfect success.’’-Thoreau (page 78).This talks about the woods and how people hardly, go there and see how pine trees grow. “As lightning flashes zig-zag screeches of the heron, flying in the dark.’’-Basho. ’The lightning filled the damp air like some vast glow worm… opening its wings.’’ –Thoreau. This piece characterizes a bird .The bird is compared to lightning. The purpose to this book was for people to see and feel what nature does for you.


This novel Sarah’s Key By Titiana De Rosnay is about the history of The Holocaust and how Sarah, wanted to escape from the camps. There are two stories one is the past and the other in the present, Michael is in the past and Zoe in the present.
The policeman punished if they wanted to leave. Family members go to the camps and they live or die suffering and wanting food to eat. Zoe goes to a family vacation long beach and New York to give Sarah the paper to give Michael that he’s in the cupboard waiting for Sarah to get him.
The connection I have with the character is that my birthday is in February when Charla’s baby was born in February. The author’s style of writing is descriptive about the characters and the writing what happens in the story. “I wish I can help the people and not get their heads shaved off” (81).
(Makes you want to predict what happens next). My experiencing of reading this book was interesting and wanted to know what great events happens or great points in the story. The author predicts what happens next by giving the character an emotion and a pause.
Type of reader who would enjoy this if the reader like historical novels and what happened in the Holocaust. My experience by reading this book was interesting about the Jewish people getting arrested and escaping.
Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten- year- old, is taken with her parents by the French, police as they go door-to- door arresting Jewish families in the middle of the night. Desperate to protect her younger brother, Sarah locks him in a bedroom cupboard-their secret hiding place-and promises to come back for him as soon as they are released.
Sixty years later: Sarah’s story intertwines with that of Julia Jarmond, an American journalist investing the round up. In her research, Julia stumbles onto a trail of secrets that link her to Sarah, and to questions about her own romantic future.


Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

In the book, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen it would be a must see book!! In the novel, Annabel Greene is a girl who has everything. She does modeling and commercials for a company.  Later on in the story people look at Annabel in a total different way than how she is from that perspective. All they do is ignore her as much as they can. Until, Owen Armstrong started noticing her and started becoming Annabel’s best friend. Who later becomes her boy friend. These are the two main characters in the story. Rolly is a guy who works with Owen at his local radio show the anger management. Also, Clarke is Annabel’s ex-best friend. Because when Annabel and Clarke were little they had stop being friends because she had went to a party instead of being a friend for her.

The most part that I liked about the authors style of writing is that she would go into good detail. When Sarah Dessen writes she wants the reader to want to read more. Even have the reader picture it in their own mind. This is why I like the author’s style of writing. Example: “When the curtain opened all I could see at first was the runaway…” (249). Is what I could picture in my mind. This is why I like the style of writing.

The part I connected to the book is where Annabel had said “I just don’t like to hurt people. Or upset them. So sometimes, you know, I won’t say exactly what I think to spare them that” (110).

The type of reader who would like this book is someone who likes to picture things in their head. Or even who likes drama or romance. Also, who would want to read more? When Annabel had just met Owen Armstrong and they started liking each other. For example, Annabel and Sophie got in a big fight who is also her ex-friend. This is for the type of People who like or would like reading this. I recommend it!
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Danger of the Desert

Danger in the Desert is for readers that like short and interesting stories. This book was very cool. T.S. Fields the author did a great job in my opinion making the book short and interesting.
This story was about two brothers that got kidnapped. The boys were 9 year old Robbie and 11 year old Scott.
One afternoon the boys were at their house being average brothers fighting. Then their mom got home, and wanted to take the out. But they had to stop for gas. As their mom went in the gas station to pay, some guy got in their car and drove off with Scott and Robbie in the station wagon. Then their mom noticed her car was gone.
When the kidnapper noticed the boys were in the car he pulled over and tied them down. He had a gun up to Robbie’s head. After driving awhile the kidnapper arrived in the middle of the desert, and left the boys to die in the heat. Being in the middle of the desert they had to figure out how they were going to survive. All they had was a pair of shoes, four hubcaps, and contents from their mom’s shopping bags. They drunk from the shoes. Then they got rescued.

Hunger Games by Suzann Collins

The Hunger Games

The hunger games are a show that people from all the different districts watch once a year. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were one of the 24 tributes that were chosen to fight in the games. Two people from the age of 12 - 18  were randomly chosen to go into the arena and fight. Katniss and Peeta were the tributes from district 12. Katniss volunteered to go because her little sister Prim Everdeen was chosen, and she didn’t want her little 12 year old sister going into the arena.

Once they got to the capitol, Where they prepared for the games and got all their training, they were amazed by the way the people lived and dressed. the way they dressed was just so incomparable to they way they dressed back in district 12. also everybody that lived in the capitol got food which was made to perfection, and a good home which was nice and bigger than the homes they lived in back home. the building where they were living for the short time they would be there, they were massive and had the most amazing views and a nice room and bed to sleep in. All of the tributes got time to practice themselves and get trained in  the stuff the weren't good in. At the end of their week in the capitol they show off to the judges and the judges score the tributes. Both Katniss and Peeta were given good scores, Peeta got a 9, and Katniss got an 11. The highest score you could get would be a 12.

Once they get into the arena is when the good part happens. Katniss goes off in her own direction, but peeta teams up with people from other districts. later on the meetup and Peeta saves her life.

The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King

Being a reader who enjoys the typical cliche young adult books, I did not expect myself to like The Dust of 100 Dogs. A.S. King changed my perspective with her spine-chilling story of a female Irish pirate with a strong urge to sever the head of anyone who doubts her. "Emer tried a few of these things, and eventually found that she enjoyed ripping an eye from the men she killed. Especially the men who'd glared at her body. It was a way to remind them to never underestimate a woman, she figured." (217).

In the late seventeenth century, Emer Morrisey almost escapes the pirate life with her one true love, Seanie Carrol, and her treasure when the situation takes a turn of events and she is cursed with the dust of one-hundred dogs. Three centuries later, she’s reborn as Saffron Adams, a modern teenager awing people with her extensive knowledge of the Civil War. King pulls the reader directly into the story, allowing them to experience the characters’ hardships first-hand. King also includes multiple dog facts throughout the course of the book to correlate Emer's thoughts and actions as a human to them as a canine. "Humans want to conquer everyone they can, and buy everything they see. I think this is because humans have forgotten how to be happy. It's not their fault - it's not easy figuring our how to be happy in these days of anything but moderation." 

If not for Seanie Carrol, Emer would not have taken part in the pirate life. He was her one true love, and she plans to remain his although the chances of seeing him again are scarce.

Due to the author's non-traditional writing style, I didn't connect with the majority of the characters, especially Fred Livingstone. Fred is a deranged, delusion middle-aged man with unhealthy thoughts and being inside his head made me slightly uncomfortable. Overall, my experience of reading this book was great. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Dust of 100 Dogs and would recommend it to readers who enjoy books with a strong female lead and adventure.

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher is about a boy, Clay, that receives a mysterious shoe box of 13 cassette tapes. Throughout the book it talks about his struggle with listening to all 13 tapes with the voice of one of his old classmates, Hannah, who committed suicide. On the tapes it talks about all her reasons why she killed herself and each tape talks about a different person. “If you are listening to one of these tapes you are one of the reasons why” (7). When he hears that it shocks him cause he thought “What could I have done, was that night really that bad? It was only one little thing” (9).

In 13 Reasons Why, Asher did a very good job of combining Clays thought and Hannah’s story together. “’I know. They are. I’m sorry.’ Don’t apologize. Talk to him!”(161) The book was very good, had an interesting story. I just think about how genius Hannah was to make those tapes. To make sure those people get what they deserve. If  I were to commit suicide, not say that I have any plans on killing myself, but if I was going to I would make tapes and makes those people get what they have coming to them. Have them forever remember what they did because after something like that you do not just come back from that. Everything was very easy to get nothing complicated. Anyone that is looking for just an easy read or something fast and not too complicated to understand would love this book. It is diffidently made for a teen read. There was not much action or suspense to it really just nice and easy but I must admit some other the things that happened to her, she could have just blown off quite easily. I feel bad for Clay he could have really helped her get through some stuff if only she reached out to him.

Asher, Jay. Th1rteen R3asons Why: A Novel. New York: Razorbill, 2007. Print

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous is a very eventful book about a young girl named Alice who moves to a new town with her family. As she tries to fit in her new School and make friends, she has trouble but she soon gets better. Events happen that will change her life forever.

Alice is the main character and this is a journey through her diary. After she makes friends she stumbles in to the wrong crowd and her life starts to change.

The new drugs that everyone is taking at her School are all around her and soon they catch up to her and become’s a user.

This is a truly great book for the young adult audience and for anyone who wants to see the mind of a girl affected by many different drugs. 

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Shadow, by Orson Scott Card, is about a very small child named Bean who started starving on the streets and finished becoming a commander of a fleet of spacecraft.

This book is from a third person limited view of Bean. Bean has been underestimated by everyone for his small size until he shows just how clever he is. The main point that the book builds  up to in the story is the war with an alien race that the humans call the “Buggers”, who threatened the human race’s existence during the first war. The second main character is a child named Ender. Ender takes control of an army in Battle School. Battle School is a place that trains children how to fight in space so they can defend Earth when the Buggers attack. Ender uses this army he has to get high scores on the school’s ranking system so that he can soon take command of an actual fleet in space. Ender is then the one child the School’s staff leans toward to defeat the Buggers and eliminate them from existence.

This book is wonderful to the general public who enjoys a good sci-fi story while wondering what bean will do next in his goal to become a leader.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments series, book number three City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. The country named Idris, home of Shadowhunters. The City of Glass, known as Alicante is where the families live and the where the Clave is. Clary needs to travel to Alicante to find a cure to save her mother. The plan is that she will travel to Alicante with her brother Jace and the Lightwoods. Her brother Jace has different plan, his plan is for Clary to stay in New York with her best friend Simon. Jace had his plan worked out the portal was open and ready to travel to Alicante, until there’s a near death situation between the Lightwoods, Jace and Simon. The situation causes them to go through the portal with Simon. This is highly illegal, since Simon isn’t a shadowhunter, or a warlock. He is a vampire, not just any vampire a daylighter. He can be outside in the middle of the day without the sun scorching him to death. When Clary finds out that they have traveled to Alicante without her she’s furious and she’s determined to find a way to Alicante on her own. While in Alicante Jace has no idea of Clary’s plan. In Alicante Clary meets other shadowhunters, and goes to find her brother. The evil mastermind Valentine, the father of Jace and Clary plans to destroy the race of shadowhunters.

During this book Clare put so much detail into this book its beyond belief, example: “A strange smell drifted up through the opening; dank; musty with a weird metallic ting that sent her nerves on edge” (196). Her style of writing is different in a cool, collective way. Not only is this book very detailed it’s thrilling, and suspenseful keeps you longing for more and curious about what will happen an example:“ Her first thought was that the portal had faded beyond repairing, and that she was stuck in the whirling black in-between place” (476). The people that will connect with this book, yet this series the most is, the people who love action, suspense, creatures/ demons from another world, and don’t forget the downworlders and warlocks, basically anything in that region. My thoughts about the book were that it left me wanting to read more and I want find out what happens next. While you read this book your brain feels like you've entered a whole new world.

Clare, Cassandra. City of Glass. New York: Margaret K. McElderry, 2010. Print.

Matched by Ally Condie

Imagine a world where the government decides who you love, where you work, and when you die. The novel Matched by Ally Condie is an example of a dystopia with a love triangle that occurs between the main character Cassia Reyes, Xander Carrow and Ky Markham. It is an incredible novel that keeps the reader interested to know what will occur next.

It all starts at a special matching ceremony where Cassia Reyes, who just turned seventeen, will finally learn who she will be spending the rest of her life with. "I've waited so long for this: for my Match Banquet. Where I'll see for the first time the face of the boy who will be my match"(4). Luckily for her, she is matched with her childhood friend Xander instead of a complete stranger from another country. She is given a microcard that shows information about him, but a technical error shows her matched with another boy - Ky Markham.

Ky is classified as an "aberration'', which means that he is not meant to be matched. "This is confidential information, but Ky Markham could never be your match. He will never be anyone's match"(46). Cassia begins to question her match with Xander and her new relationship with Ky soon jeopardizes their future. The "Officials" are the people who monitor the peoples actions to make sure that they are not breaking the rules and report it to the ''Society'', which is their government.

They have strict rules and restrictions. Their food is delievered to them and prepared by the "Officials" everyday so that it could meet everybody's nutritional needs and they all have to wear regulation clothing. Citizens are assigned to theb jobs that best match their skill set. In this society there are only 100 preapproved poems, songs, and paintings. All other works, have been destroyed so that the people do not get any ideas about free thinking and rebellion. "My great-grandmother, an Official herself, did steal that poem"(126).

Author Ally Condie makes it clear that having a society that is disease free and very peaceful may not always be as good as it sounds. Citizens follow rules that keep them in a state of ignorance throughout the whole book and that is a true dystopia. Readers that like a good dystopia and romance novel will really enjoy reading this book.

Condie, Ally, and Irene Vandervoort. Matched. New York: Dutton, 2010. Print.

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers is an inspirational and interesting book to read. Ali has conquered many milestones since the beginning of his in Louisville Kentucky. But what is interesting is how he said things that you wouldn't expect others to say. Famous quotes like “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” and him yelling “I am the greatest” showed how confident he was in his skills in the boxing ring. Even I will admit, he was too cocky at times.

Ali has been through so much in his career even before he was a well known boxer. Without a doubt he is the greatest boxer of all time. Ali the fierce, tough, outspoken boxer was unstoppable. He proved this showing that he’s been knocked down but he got back up and won. He proved how to overcome problems, issues, and pain. “It also takes two types of pain, the anticipation that you’ll be hurt, perhaps badly, and the knowledge that you can stop more pain simply by quitting.” That is my favorite quote by him. 

Towards the prime of his career he became a legend by being in the biggest fight of his life. Ali life is a lesson that you should never fear pain or another opponent.

  The book Heaven Is For Real by  Todd Burpo is a book about a three year old boy named Colton. Its an astonishing story of his trip to heaven and back.
Three year old Colton living in a small town of Nebraska with his father Todd who is a Pastor. Colton was suffering from a rare illness and going into surgery, that is when he made his trip to heaven. When Colton was on his way to heaven he said “I saw my dad sitting in the waiting room praying for me and the doctors operating on me.

While he was there he said “he met his great grandpa that died 30 years before he was born.” There shared long impossible stories to each other. He mentioned his miscarried sister he met and that no one ever told him about”. Colton describes Jesus and his horse that only he could ride, about how “really big “ Jesus and his chair is and the kind words that are used”, And How the holey spirit” shoots down power” to help us out down here on earth” Colton told his father “Todd”  that “Heaven is forreral and to always be ready , it is a good place” when Colton told his dad and his family this remarkable story they had no idea what to believe the then the evidence was clear.

In my opinion this was an amazing story. It was made in pain with the loss of his grandfather and his little sister, and the praying he is going to be okay while he is being operated on. Then changes in to a dramitical happy story of his trip and back.  I am so glad this is the story I choose to read it is made an impact on my life and tought me that it is okay to die and heaven is a good place to be. It has such suspenseful climax, you feel as if you were right there in the story with him.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Alan Serrano The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Http://chargersread.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-lorax-by-dr-seuss_25.html

The Lorax was an awesome book. I definitely know that children will like the book because of all of the strange animals, drawings, and the way the whole world looks like. The book was about a man that went to the forest full of truffula trees to start a business making strange things called thneeds. A thneed was made out of a truffula tree. Right when the man cut off a tree, a weirdly looking odd thing came down from the sky and told him that he is hurting the forest. The man, only young and naïve ignored the Lorax and continued with his business. But little did he know of what he was causing to the forest and all of the animal life that was there.

I thought the book was incredible by the way Dr. Seuss made the sentences rhyme for the entire story. The book also contains the strangest things as for animals, such as the Bar-ba-loots. They are only one of the strange types of animals in the book. They are little bear like things that like to eat and are completely harmless to others. Dr. Seuss has a mind like no other.

I thought the can be perfect for children. The book isn’t long like others I have read but not all short stories are horrible. This one was fun, amazing, and “something else” compared to other children’s books. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes a good story but doesn’t like to read too often. If you really think about it, the book is outstanding.

Alan Serrano

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

This was by far one of my top three favorite books. My thought of this book was amazing and incredible. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes science fiction and has awesome imagination. I am not much of a huge reader, but Ender’s Game kept me hooked ‘till the end. The book is about a young boy named Ender Wiggin that was chosen at age six to go into what they call battle school. Battle school is a sort of military school for young ones. Ender would go through a lot at battle school and would always be watched by the people that ran battle school because they sensed something in him that could help them win the war between humans and aliens. In the book, the aliens are called buggers and had attacked the humans first long ago. That is why they are in this war and the buggers had always dominated but every time they were close to winning, the humans always pushed through to the end. Now, they think that Ender has something special in him that could possibly help them end and win this war.

I thought the story of Ender Wiggin was unbelievable. He is an amazing strategist and super smart. He can even fight from how quick he is with his brain. But the life of Ender Wiggin is very sad too. He had to leave his family at age six. He had an amazing relationship with his sister Valentine and threw it away when he left to battle school. She was practically his only friend at the time. He spent most of his childhood at battle school. It was hard for him to make friends at first because commander Graff talked about how Ender was better than everybody in front of everybody. Eventually, he does end up making lots of friends but they leave him slowly, one by one.

Ender’s life was rough at such a young age. Commander Graff would make him train for such long period of times with little breaks. He would always be pushed over his limits. He would also have bullies trying to get him. Ender Wiggin would never get what he really wanted in life. He would always be ordered around to do things. Ender’s life is like none other compared to all of mankind. But I don’t think he will ever be as happy as he used to be. I enjoyed the book a lot more than I thought I would. I definitely recommend this book to anybody that is thinking about reading it.

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Someone once said “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it”. In Beaufort, North Carolina during the 1950s, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks tells a story of a 17 year old Landon Carter, who learns to live life differently after meeting Jaime Sullivan. Landon is the kind of guy who cares too much about what people think of him. When Jaime comes into the picture, he only cares about being with her.

At school Landon is one of the popular kids, While Jaime is quiet and is always alone. When they get put in the same class they begin to talk. They start talking because the teacher assigned Landon to be one of the main characters in the Christmas play with Jaime. Then while they are becoming closer Landon helps Jaime with the orphanage. He also takes her home when he is asked by her because Jaime helps Landon with his script for the play. When Landon sees Jaime dressed up in her outfit for the play he is amazed by how beautiful she looks. During the play Landon says to himself “She looked exactly like an angel” (115). Jaime and Landon start to care for each other as they keep hanging out and being together. When Landon invites Jaime to the dance Jaime makes it clear with Landon that she does not want him to fall in love with her. On the front Jaime tells Landon “You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me” (38). Jaime has her reasons for Landon not to fall in love with her.

The main theme is “follow your heart.” Landon felt lost when he found out Jaime secret. When Jaime lets out her secret Landon feels sick “The moment she told me, the blood drained from my face and a sheaf of dizzying images fluttered through my mind” (165). He had to find an answer to this problem by following his heart. Also I feel “love conquers all” is also a theme of Sparks’ book. Even though Jaime’s secret becomes reality they both experience love.

Overall, I had a good reading experience. I enjoyed reading the book. I did not want the book to end so quickly. It is my favorite book so far. I was able to connect with the characters feelings towards each other and their emotions. Like when Jaime lets Landon know she doesn’t care about what anyone says about her. I think anyone would enjoy this book, especially everyone who enjoys reading novels.