Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Someone once said “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it”. In Beaufort, North Carolina during the 1950s, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks tells a story of a 17 year old Landon Carter, who learns to live life differently after meeting Jaime Sullivan. Landon is the kind of guy who cares too much about what people think of him. When Jaime comes into the picture, he only cares about being with her.

At school Landon is one of the popular kids, While Jaime is quiet and is always alone. When they get put in the same class they begin to talk. They start talking because the teacher assigned Landon to be one of the main characters in the Christmas play with Jaime. Then while they are becoming closer Landon helps Jaime with the orphanage. He also takes her home when he is asked by her because Jaime helps Landon with his script for the play. When Landon sees Jaime dressed up in her outfit for the play he is amazed by how beautiful she looks. During the play Landon says to himself “She looked exactly like an angel” (115). Jaime and Landon start to care for each other as they keep hanging out and being together. When Landon invites Jaime to the dance Jaime makes it clear with Landon that she does not want him to fall in love with her. On the front Jaime tells Landon “You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me” (38). Jaime has her reasons for Landon not to fall in love with her.

The main theme is “follow your heart.” Landon felt lost when he found out Jaime secret. When Jaime lets out her secret Landon feels sick “The moment she told me, the blood drained from my face and a sheaf of dizzying images fluttered through my mind” (165). He had to find an answer to this problem by following his heart. Also I feel “love conquers all” is also a theme of Sparks’ book. Even though Jaime’s secret becomes reality they both experience love.

Overall, I had a good reading experience. I enjoyed reading the book. I did not want the book to end so quickly. It is my favorite book so far. I was able to connect with the characters feelings towards each other and their emotions. Like when Jaime lets Landon know she doesn’t care about what anyone says about her. I think anyone would enjoy this book, especially everyone who enjoys reading novels.

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