Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brave by Robert Lipstye

I read the book, “The Brave,” by Robert Lipsyte. This book is really interesting and fun to read. If you are a sports fan than you would love this book. This book is about a boxer that goes by the name of Sonny Bear. Sonny is a Native American boxer that lives on the reservation and fights other people from many different places. He lives with his uncle and he is also his personal trainer. His last fight was against a white man at a bar in the countryside where there are many white people who are racists. He lost the fight but that was only because the white man had kicked him in the crotch numerous times. He was so mad after the fight he just felt like running away from his uncle because had stopped him from beating up the white man. He ended up running away to New York to find his mother .

Once he approached New York he made a couple of new friends. These friends were not just some good friends, they were bad friends. He made some drug dealing friends and ended up getting into the business of drug dealing. He started helping his friends sell crack until, BOOM! He got caught, but apparently the dealer he was friends with was one of the most wanted men in New York. So the officers made a deal with him to try to get him to trap his friend into jail. So they let him go. He was still friends with the dealers, he actually had a little crush on one of the dealers, and her name is Doll. This book is a very interesting book.

There are many characters in the story. The protagonist is Sonny Bear, the boxer. The antagonist is the officer that arrests Sonny and makes a deal with him, his name is officer Brooks. There are many different characters such as his uncle Jake, his crush Doll, and the dealer Stick. Stick is not really his real name it is his street name. These characters are all very important to know.

This is a really good book. It may seem boring to read in the beginning but once you keep reading to the end it is a really good book.

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