Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer is a novel written about two young adults in love. At the beginning Bella Swan is supposed to be getting married to Edward Cullen, a vampire. Bella doesn’t know about Edward’s life until he saves her from getting hit by a car. Bella researches her observations on Edward and he finally admits he’s a vampire after she notices he wasn’t normal.

Bella and Edward are married. Leaving onto their anonymous honeymoon that Bella I’m doesn’t know about, they put their selves at risk. Bella is more at risk than anyone else. Bella becomes pregnant and her best friend, Jacob the werewolf, doesn’t realize she’s pregnant until her stomach starts to show. When Jacob finds out that Edward had done the worst to Bella, he becomes upset and Edward knows he messed up. Edward begs Jacob to convince Bella to take the, ‘’thing’’ out of Bella. What is inside her? How will the effect Bella and Edward’s future? No one really knows. Meyer has a good strategy to creating suspense for the audience.

‘’ You know her, Jacob. You connect to her on a level that I don’t understand. You are part of her, and she is part of you… she might listen to you.’’ Jacob has a connection with Bella that no one else can understand, not even her own husband. The connection within this novel isn’t that strong, but I would suggest this book to a reader who likes suspenseful happy ending related books. I am neither a vampire nor a wolf and I’m not in love with my friend’s soulmate which makes the connection unrelated.

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