Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline, novel by Neil Gaiman, is a supernatural fiction about a young girl who finds a small door into a parallel dimension similar to the world that surrounds her. Coraline Jones moves into apartment homes with two retired actresses, Miss Spink and Miss Forcible and a Russian acrobat, Mr. Bobo. She feels neglected when her parents are so busy from their work. Now, Coraline wants attention and feels bored. She visits the neighbors as she’s a nice person. When Coraline walks upstairs to visit her other neighbor, Mr. Bobo warns her about danger that would occur in sometime. When she returns home, Coraline finds a small door that’s framed into wall, so desperate to open it, but disappointed that the door opens a brick wall. As her parent tells that she can’t talk to strangers, Coraline refuses that command, and walks towards the brick wall (During the night, the bricks disintegrated into a passage way entrance.) Of course, Coraline crawls into the tunnel and when she reached the other side of the tunnel, the room is opposite format of the original world. Back in her world, she wished that her family was perfect because her dad cooks (in which she doesn’t enjoy) and her mom cleans the house (that annoys Coraline)

Inside the other world, Coraline starts to appreciate the way how her other parents treated her with foods she likes and games she likes. The Black Cat visits Coraline in the other world to warn her about the other mother that she wants something to love and appreciate and reminded her about the “missing children” reports. After demanding her other mother to return home, the other mother plunged her behind the mirror where she encountered three ghost children. The ghost children told her that the witch prevents them to go to heaven, and someday she may ascend them to hell. Now, Coraline has to save both her parents and the ghost children before the other mother “eats” them (the ghost children helped her out when they place their eyes on the items she would find easier) The three ghost children help her find their "eyes" on materials she'll find easier throughout the other world. For now, Coraline is trapped in the world until she could escape through the door into her world.

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