Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crews by Maria Hinojosa

Crews by Maria Hinojosa

Do you like spending time with your friends? Do you sometimes not get along with your family?  And when you fight with them you leave your house to be with your friends in your neighborhood? Do you guys do crazy things? Well Crews by Maria Hinojosa , is something like that but crazier, like killing someone , no longer talking to your friends for a guy you just met and attacking anyone who crosses your path telling you what to do.

After reading Crews by Maria Hinojosa I would recommend people to read it, it tells us what we can go through if we were to go in the streets. The book talks about how teenagers having lots of stress and problems with family/friends and makes them do this crazy things that can mess up their childhood, but yet make it fun . And there friends are their family. And they do things on the streets where they grew up. They do some crazy stuff to be known. So when people see them on the streets they get frighten, to be near them.

Maria Hinojosa goes to different neighborhood to interview different crews. Different people had different problems. Some are pregnant and some dropped out, people think they belong on the streets, people fight with their families for dumb reasons, and some do not have their family with them, some go to school but when it come to Saturday and Sunday they back on the streets.

Teenagers stress for the littlest  things and sometimes they can mess up in school and end up dropping out, thinking life will be easier but it is not. If enjoy doing crazy things you might relate to this book. this may be the book for you to read, you’ll enjoy it and if you have done that you may laugh.

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