Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Danger of the Desert

Danger in the Desert is for readers that like short and interesting stories. This book was very cool. T.S. Fields the author did a great job in my opinion making the book short and interesting.
This story was about two brothers that got kidnapped. The boys were 9 year old Robbie and 11 year old Scott.
One afternoon the boys were at their house being average brothers fighting. Then their mom got home, and wanted to take the out. But they had to stop for gas. As their mom went in the gas station to pay, some guy got in their car and drove off with Scott and Robbie in the station wagon. Then their mom noticed her car was gone.
When the kidnapper noticed the boys were in the car he pulled over and tied them down. He had a gun up to Robbie’s head. After driving awhile the kidnapper arrived in the middle of the desert, and left the boys to die in the heat. Being in the middle of the desert they had to figure out how they were going to survive. All they had was a pair of shoes, four hubcaps, and contents from their mom’s shopping bags. They drunk from the shoes. Then they got rescued.

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