Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Game by Walter Dean Myers


Everyone doesn’t like to read but they all read no matter what it is. It can be on a website or a text message. Each individual have that one favorite book they enjoy or like after reading. Do you have a favorite book you like to read or would recommend others to read? I would like to recommend people who are interested in sports or basketball to read the book “Game” by Walter Dean Myers.

This book takes place in Harlem Where there is a teenager Called Drew. Drew Lawson is a senior at a high school who knows basketball is taking him to places but his grades certainly aren’t. He wants to step up his game more so that the coaches would recognize him more than the other two new players who are new on the team and the rest of the players. It’s pretty rough for Drew to live in Harlem especially when he is a witness of crimes, gangs, alcohol or drug abuse. Teenagers give up on their dreams. Drew is trying to succeed through a rough life so he focused on basketball and his mother is proud that her son is into sports than committing crimes. "She knew he wasn’t about gangs. I was about ball." (6) This story was a little hard to understand because it uses street slang. They were steady rapping sunshine, but you could see the weakness in their eyes when all they had to stop rapping and walk away.

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