Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Star-Spangled Banner by Margaret Sedeen

             My book review will be on the book star-spangled banner. The book star-spangled

      banner, covered from the birth of our flag into the cold war, It beast on true historical fact. In the book it starts talking about how the colonists were upset with the British. That the colonists were wanting a revolution against the British. The reason for this was that the British were unfair in tax in there stamps like money. Colonists rebelled and started a revolutionary war. This was the revolutionary war that began the United States. On September 1783 Benjamin Franklin s signed a “peace treaty with the British “. The revolutionary war is over. The United States was know a country.                                                                                                              Something that I thought was interesting, is that back then the us flag had fifteen stripes.”May 1.1795 the flag of the united states be fifteen stripes alternate red and white.” Know it is thirteen stripes alternate red and white. To go  back a little way’s on June 1776 Mis. Ross’s was asked to make the first American flag (as seen on pages 43-44in the book)
     Now I will skip for word into time. It tells us about pearl harbor and how the jap’s boomed  it during world war 2 ( pg-134) then it goes on to the cold war. It shows us a picture of oil well’s on fire because of Iraq. (pg144)

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