Wednesday, November 27, 2013

  The book Heaven Is For Real by  Todd Burpo is a book about a three year old boy named Colton. Its an astonishing story of his trip to heaven and back.
Three year old Colton living in a small town of Nebraska with his father Todd who is a Pastor. Colton was suffering from a rare illness and going into surgery, that is when he made his trip to heaven. When Colton was on his way to heaven he said “I saw my dad sitting in the waiting room praying for me and the doctors operating on me.

While he was there he said “he met his great grandpa that died 30 years before he was born.” There shared long impossible stories to each other. He mentioned his miscarried sister he met and that no one ever told him about”. Colton describes Jesus and his horse that only he could ride, about how “really big “ Jesus and his chair is and the kind words that are used”, And How the holey spirit” shoots down power” to help us out down here on earth” Colton told his father “Todd”  that “Heaven is forreral and to always be ready , it is a good place” when Colton told his dad and his family this remarkable story they had no idea what to believe the then the evidence was clear.

In my opinion this was an amazing story. It was made in pain with the loss of his grandfather and his little sister, and the praying he is going to be okay while he is being operated on. Then changes in to a dramitical happy story of his trip and back.  I am so glad this is the story I choose to read it is made an impact on my life and tought me that it is okay to die and heaven is a good place to be. It has such suspenseful climax, you feel as if you were right there in the story with him.

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