Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Wizard of Oz by L. FRANK BAUM

        The Wizard of Oz by L. FRANK BAUM is really famous with a lot of people and exciting for children. This book is really attractive to all the readers with Baum's skillful writing. He can make readers not feel bored, although many know what happens in the next chapter. But sometimes, the story has a lot of really fun circumstances or make readers despond. But I think it good because the story can make the reader have emotional ups and downs according to the story. 
        The Wonderland Wizard of OZ start with a girl's name is Dorothy. She has a good life with her aunt and her uncle in the gray Kansas. Everything is normal until one day, have a storm protrude and destroying everything in its path such as buildings, land, animals, fields and simultaneous bring Dorothy with her dog Toto to a wonder, beautiful land by some magic way!
        The first time to a strange place, by her lucky, she accidental kills the Wicked Witch of West and become a person who have the praise with love of all the people in this land. After listen about Oz, the Great and Terrible, state the energies and love for family, she decide to have a journey come to the Emeralds City with one desire is back to Kansas. 
        Dorothy starts her long and dangerous journey with the Silver shoes she retrieve from the Wicked Witch of West she kills by her lucky and one kiss of the Good Witch in the North with her partner, Toto.
      Pass a lot of challenges, she can meet the Scarecrow,TinWoodman and the Cowardly Lion. Now Dorothy group have more people, more fun and stronger then when she beginning. Five people, five personalities, but now, they solidarity, mutual help and become a happy family with an objective to meet Oz!
         Whether they can meet Oz? Whether they can petition what they desire or they will die before they meet Oz? If they can meet Oz, whether Oz will help them and they have all thing they want, 
then the story will the end at that time or they have a next journey with the challenge of Oz? And who is Oz? What is that guy look like? And what is the truth behind Great Oz?
         This book is really easy to read. The author's style writing is for children and people with a rich imagination "For year it was the fashion among children's book people to patronize Baum and his wizard with his imaginary comparisons with the classics, or try to ignore him together."(VII). This book is exciting and it connects to reader by state of the rubber, a little fun and meaningful of life.
         Baum, L. Frank. The Wizard of Oz. New York: Aladdin, 1999. Print

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