Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rat Attacks by Cynthia Laslo


They are intelligent creatures that can communicate with one another. The athour Cynthia Laslo new about different species of rats. ’’They can also be aggressive if they feel threatened, rats will fight to the death’’. Rats can live mostly anywhere they want from building to even an airplane.

 They are different types of rats all around the world some types of rats are brown rats. These rats live mostly in building and restaurants and more public places. Black rats live in sewers and uncommon areas where there is not much people. These rats are much bigger than the brown rats and more dangerous.

 ‘’Rats bite about 40,000 Americans every year’’. Most rats attacks happen where’s there big cities where rats and humans live side by side. Rats usually go after weakest humans: old people, young children, and, particularly, babies. ‘’Rats go after babies because they smell the babies milk and they go after that and start biting the baby’’. Many babies have been eaten alive as they lay helpless in their cribs.

 Scientists use rats to try new experiments or medication. They also use it to cure cancer and its helpful because they’ll rather have a rat die than a human.Overall this book was really interesting because it shows and talks a lot about different things you might not know. It’s a good book because it helps you in life by knowing what to do. 
Rat attacks” is very intertaning, I think people like like knowing about animals or researching types about animals would like this book. People who enjoy reading or watching about animals this book might be a new experience for you.

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