Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wake by Lisa Mcmann

In Wake, writer, Lisa Mcmann, writes about a girl named Janie (protagonist), a senior in high school, whose have had a special ability to join other people’s dreams (antagonist) since she was eight years old. She gets sucked into other people’s dreams she sleeps next too, her body becomes numb, and she becomes blinded while coming out of her dreams.
Janie has been loved and has loved, she’s pretty real in relationships, as it goes for Cable (an undercover cop detective in high school) who’s never been in love, but he catches feelings for Janie strongly. He doesn’t really bother with girls he focus on school and grades.

*Spoiler Alert* Janie really doesn’t understand her power till one of her teachers keep seeing Janie in her dreams. “Dear Janie, Thank you for my dreams. From one catcher to another. Martha Stubin. P.s you have more power than you think” (129) Janie and Cable both are very mature and don’t play around, they both click, because both of them didn’t have much of a childhood.
The writer encouraged me to keep reading. The way my hands were glues to the book. You had to keep reading to figure out the bad guy in the book. I liked Lisa McMann’s techniques. The type of readers who like suspense and fiction books will not want to put this book down.

McMann, Lisa. Wake. New York: Simon Pulse, 2008. Print.

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