Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Warior Angel By Robert Lipsyte


In the book called, Warrior Angel, by Robert Lipsyte describes an event that would bring our champion, Sonny Bear, a chance to regain his true power. Knowing that he lost his family members in the past years, he still determines to be the best boxer in the world. This book is by far the most exciting book I’ve ever read. Even though there’s some parts of the book that doesn’t make sense, but it really inspires me to thrive for the best at anything. For readers that enjoy sports or people that love to read sports. I would recommend reading this book because in some ways it can probably make a big impact into your life or cause a change into your personality. So I would suggest this book the readers who are inspired to become a boxer because it’s really worth it.
In the beginning of the match, Sonny Bear was ready to be in the ring. As soon as he was warming up in the locker room, he kind of felt a bit drowsy and mentally weak for some reasons. Soon he realizes he wasn’t going to win the match tonight. He needed help, and he needed help fast as possible. Until he received an email that was sent from the Warrior Angel saying “Do not lose heart. I come on a mission from the Creator to save you.” (Pg. 6). Knowing that he has strong sense that he might lose the match, there is still a chance for him to change his mind. Unfortunately he ends up losing the match and from then on he was just never focused on winning any match anymore. This means that Sonny Bear wasn’t the person he was before such as courageous, braveness, strength, and the power of will to fight till the end.
Sonny was not prepared to change to the person he was before until someone decides to show up. His name was Starkey. Starkey was a very helpful person and a friend you can trust. To Sonny, Starkey was the only person he could rely on at this moment. Not the coach, not the trainer, but Starkey only. He was the reason why Sonny went back on his feet. If it wasn’t for the help of Starkey, Sonny would have change. He has help him Sonny regain his strength and strength was all that he needed. In the end, to return a favor, Sonny has also saved Starkey from trouble that was coming in his was. Also in the end, Sonny says to Starkey, “Let’s go little brother. Starkey began to cry as Sonny pulled him out into the sunlight.” (Pg 183).
The author is very inspirational to me because it creates some sort of bond. In the end of the chapter, it has really touched my heart and has done a great impact onto my life. The author uses great word choices even though was some bad languages and slangs that is not appropriate to some readers. There was some sentence error in some areas. In the first half of the book it was a bit boring, but as I read the other half of the book it was okay. It got very intense and there were lot of details about what or where the event was at. His sentence has a strong meaning to it. For example, “Can’t quit now.” (Pg 181). The word quit is a strong word because it basically mean don’t give up. Overall the author wrote a good suspencial book.
I find this book very cool in some ways. This book really inspired me a lot and I hope to read other books that are from Robert Lipsyte because he has shown me that he could have the potential to become the best bookseller in the whole universe. I was very pleased at the end because it got very exciting and really enjoyed from what I read in the book. Overall this book is great because it’s all about sports and sports are my favorite hobby.

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