Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Assassin by Anna Myers

The novel Assassin by Anna Myers is about a president and about Arbella Getchel. Arbella and Wilkes’s parents met the same way at the theater, but in different theaters. They called Arbella, Bella for short. She moved to another place because of some problems she was going through. Bella suffered a lot because she lost a lot of important people in her life. She was raised by her grandmother. “It seems he has taken to drink and card games. Your aunt says your grandfathers business is bin ruin, that your father sleeps all day and will see no one”(11). Any child grew up with their parents but Bella was one of those few kids that didn’t. Bella had to go through a lot of pain in her childhood. Met some people while she was growing up, then she met that one guy that she thought was so cute. She didn’t see him, again till she went to the white house and saw each other again “to the white house”(104). But the book Assassin alternates between Bella’s point of view in the story and kind of also the side of the story of J. Wilkes Booth. Assassin by Anna Myers is a book about romance and mystery. But in the beginning of the book it wasn’t that bad, it was just giving the information on what was going on. The book is kind of sad , romantic and has mystery in it. People suffer people die and people just have to go through a lot of pain in the book.

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