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Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

In the book, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen it would be a must see book!! In the novel, Annabel Greene is a girl who has everything. She does modeling and commercials for a company.  Later on in the story people look at Annabel in a total different way than how she is from that perspective. All they do is ignore her as much as they can. Until, Owen Armstrong started noticing her and started becoming Annabel’s best friend. Who later becomes her boy friend. These are the two main characters in the story. Rolly is a guy who works with Owen at his local radio show the anger management. Also, Clarke is Annabel’s ex-best friend. Because when Annabel and Clarke were little they had stop being friends because she had went to a party instead of being a friend for her.

The most part that I liked about the authors style of writing is that she would go into good detail. When Sarah Dessen writes she wants the reader to want to read more. Even have the reader picture it in their own mind. This is why I like the author’s style of writing. Example: “When the curtain opened all I could see at first was the runaway…” (249). Is what I could picture in my mind. This is why I like the style of writing.

The part I connected to the book is where Annabel had said “I just don’t like to hurt people. Or upset them. So sometimes, you know, I won’t say exactly what I think to spare them that” (110).

The type of reader who would like this book is someone who likes to picture things in their head. Or even who likes drama or romance. Also, who would want to read more? When Annabel had just met Owen Armstrong and they started liking each other. For example, Annabel and Sophie got in a big fight who is also her ex-friend. This is for the type of People who like or would like reading this. I recommend it!
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