Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life, love and the Pursuit of Free Throws by Janette Rallison, is an enjoyable book about two girls who are best friends that are competing over basketball awards and a boy. A girl named Josie who is madly in love with Ethan. The only thing is Ethan is interested in Cami. What Ethan doesn’t know is Cami doesn’t really want him. This book is totally how us High school and younger girls act.  Starts off with a girl who gets extremely nervous around the captain of the basketball team and another girl who is all about that young hoop life.

            Basketball is becoming these two girl breaking points. Having a whole team compete to be MVP yet alone to best friends going head to head for MVP. Then having the best Rebecca Lobo there to play with the special winner during halftime. But who’s he better player Josie or Cami? Life between these two girls are good and hard right now. Sports and boys all at once.

            Told from the 1st person but from two different points of view. As Mrs.Rallison who is an amazing book writer. Who was smart and learned many important things. She tells a story about the two high school girls and Ethan Lancaster. She also tells about how if your parents insisit something just go along with it.

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