Monday, December 2, 2013

Shooter by Walter Dean Myers

In the book SHOOTER by, Walter Dean Myers. One morning of April 22, 17 year old Leonard Gray began shooting at students from a window at Maddison High School. One student was killed, nine injured. Leonard wrote “stop the violence” in blood on the schools wall, the incident led to an analysis on potential threats of school violence. A police officer, a FBI agent, and also a medical examiner interviewed and were giving reports to help determine what caused Leonard Gray to shoot down his class mates.

With the help of Leonard’s friends, Cameron Poter, and Carla Evans, had told Leonard’s personal and school life. But they told the officers that Leonard was fascinated by guns, was overdosing on prescription drugs, and made an enemies list. The analysis team discovered that all three friends were constantly getting bullied, and things at home were very rough.But for any other student at Maddison High, Leonard, Cameron, and Carla were “on the outs”,(149) as they said, and kept silent about their own abuse. But in the end, Leonard Gray wanted to “break a hole in the wall of silence”,(183) in the most violent way he knew how.


I believe that this book is very good, it gives off this message to people that have been or is being bullied. That though you may have it rough at home, you should make a better way to get your voice heard, but by doing it a safer way, don’t put others in danger. And young teens would honestly love this book because it takes place in a high school, and some people are different from others and yes people do get bullied and can’t take it anymore and put their life, and others at risk.

Myers, Walter Dean. Shooter. [New York]: Amistad/HarperTempest, 2004. Print

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