Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

     The novel Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce is an action packed story with a bit of romance on the side. The March sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, grew up fighting the fenris after their grandmother was killed. The fenris are creatures with no soul that look like werewolves but they aren't your "hot", average werewolf. The don't look like wolves, more like monsters that smell horrible. The March sisters and their childhood friend, Silas, kill Fenris left and right in their small town to avenge Oma March's death and Scarlett's eye. As they fight, Rosie longs to live a normal life like Silas got to live when he went to visit his uncle. Silas tries to help Rosie be normal but she is torn between being with her sister and being normal with the person she loves.

     The two sisters have been fighting off the fenris with ease for a while but when the number of fenris in their small town decreases and the strongest pack shows up after years of staying away from the girls, they know something is up. They decide to move to the city to hunt the fenris and get rid of them for good. Things start to go good but Rosie starts getting interested in "normal people stuff". Moving to the city gives her the perfect opportunity to be normal but will it interfere with their hunt? Will it affect her relationship with her sister?

     Sisters Red is an exciting novel that teens should read seeing how it shows the struggle of trying to be normal when people do things that are different then you and shows the love life of a teen. This story is open to all readers but mainly teenage girls would like to read it. Pearce took me on an adventure with her recreation of Little Red Ridding Hood, maybe she'll take you to.


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