Monday, December 2, 2013

skeletons key

In “ The Skeletons Key” by Jess Mowry, Is a very descriptive and sensitive story. Its all takes place in the early 90s. The main character Jarett Ross has been neglected by his own mother, because she fell in love with her abusive drug dealing boyfriend. Jaretts moms boyfriend forces jarett to start selling drugs for him without Jaretts will. After Jarett receives the drugs he sell them and does not return any of the money to his moms boyfriend. Jarett soon relizes that his moms boyfriend is a complete physco path and jarett decides to run away because he realizes that his mom has also become very addicted to hardcore drugs. He first tried to stay in a dumpster because it was raing but quickly after he meets a fellow runaway, his name was brian. Brian ensures jarett that he can come with him and be safe and sound in a tomb at the local graveyard. Brian takes care of Jarett until cops search the graveyard and realize that the tomb that they have been hiding in was cracked open. Brians friend brett takes his own life and gets shot and killed by a cops for trying to assault an officer in the graveyard. While all that was happening brian and jarret decided to make a run for it. Towards the end of the story they both realize that there lifes are never going to be anything like they use to be. They both decide to take there own lifes after getting really high on drugs. The moral of this intense story is to never wish for anything that you would not like to come true, Because in a crazy world like ours, anything is accomplishable, even if it is under the worst circumstances

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