Monday, December 2, 2013

The Black Book of Secrets
 In a European city where a boy is going to be transformed. His name is Ludlow Finch and he is a thief until his alcoholic parents tried to sell his teeth in order to get some booze. Ludlow manages to escape his unloving parents and evil dentist that wanted to take out his teeth. While his escape he gets into a wagon and travels into a far away place where there was so much trouble but not as much compared to the to the stinking city he used to live in.

            Ludlow then meets a man named Joe Zabbidou. Ludlow and Joe then become friends and Ludlow talks to him mainly about his past experience.  Joe Zabbidou saw something in Ludlow and understands that he’s a better person then just a thief and that tells him if he wants to live with him and start a new life, Ludlow accepts. Ludlow later finds out that he a secret pawnbroker but wasn’t too sure what that was. Joe later on in the book explains what his business is about and says that he talks to people about their darkest and personal secrets, writes them on a book called “ The  Black Book of Secrets “ and in return he pays them a good amount of shillings.

            Ludlow and Zabbidou both create a strong friendship through out the story, that Ludlow would considered him as a father. “Joe zabbidou is like a father to me said Ludlow”. This  wonderful book has a perfect amount of suspense and mystery. This book will give you the happiest ending ever.

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