Thursday, December 5, 2013

Danger in the Desert by T.S. Fields

    The Story, “ Danger in the Desert “ takes place in  Scottsdale , Arizona and ends up like the title states  in  the desert. The biggest conflict was about Scott and his younger brother Robbie trying to get home. Scott is the older brother with brown hair and Robbie ‘s hair was red and he had freckles. Both brothers played baseball.

            The book looked more like an easy read more than an essay, but then when I started to read it , the book grabs your attention  early and doesn’t let you go. Also it made you realize, how having a cell phone on hand can solve your problems. The whole the brothers were stranded , they could have easily made a call and got safe.

                 “ Exactly ! how are we going to do this ? “ Robbie  said.
                “ I wish I could yell through the radio and tell the rescuer people to some get us!” said Robbie
                   Brother , I grasped. My Brother…”
This photo explains when Scott , Robbie older brother took a snake that somehow got in the car and Scott is trying to get him out so they can get back in

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