Monday, December 2, 2013

Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is a suspenseful fiction novel full of magic and romance. The story takes place in Lenmark, Massachusetts and tells the story of Cooper, Samantha, Brent, and Delilah. Copper Blake is being followed by a mysterious ghost named Samantha after waking up in the hospital after a devastating car accident. "The fact of the matter is, he was being haunted by the color- coordination challenged ghost of a teenage girl . She had appeared by his bedside when he had woken up in a hospital this past July, and neither of them knew why" (pg.6). Cooper and Samantha become good friends and Cooper wants to help Samantha get a body but does not know how. Then Cooper meets Brent and learns he has a secret power, along with Delilah, the cheerleading captain. When Cooper asked Brent if Delilah can read minds like him, he replies "No, Delilah is different. Instead, she works with magic" (pg.6). Delilah is selfish and believes Samantha has powers that she can gain. "If things go according to plan, Delilah could gain power beyond her wildest dreams, but if thing so go wrong, then she was courting a quick and painful death" (pg.99). Although Delilah seems evil, it turns out  Samantha, desperate to get a body, will do whatever it takes to finally get one.

In my opinion Token of Darkness was a good book, but could have been better. Rhodes is very good at telling a story through the perspectives of teenagers and the book is full of suspense, but I wish that there was less magic and romance, because I am not a big fan of it. However it was good enough to keep me wanting to read it. This book is meant to entertain it readers and that’s exactly what it does. If you are a fan of magic, this is the book for you!

Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Token of Darkness. New York: Delacorte, 2010. Print.

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