Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Danger of the Desert

Danger in the Desert is for readers that like short and interesting stories. This book was very cool. T.S. Fields the author did a great job in my opinion making the book short and interesting.
This story was about two brothers that got kidnapped. The boys were 9 year old Robbie and 11 year old Scott.
One afternoon the boys were at their house being average brothers fighting. Then their mom got home, and wanted to take the out. But they had to stop for gas. As their mom went in the gas station to pay, some guy got in their car and drove off with Scott and Robbie in the station wagon. Then their mom noticed her car was gone.
When the kidnapper noticed the boys were in the car he pulled over and tied them down. He had a gun up to Robbie’s head. After driving awhile the kidnapper arrived in the middle of the desert, and left the boys to die in the heat. Being in the middle of the desert they had to figure out how they were going to survive. All they had was a pair of shoes, four hubcaps, and contents from their mom’s shopping bags. They drunk from the shoes. Then they got rescued.

Hunger Games by Suzann Collins

The Hunger Games

The hunger games are a show that people from all the different districts watch once a year. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were one of the 24 tributes that were chosen to fight in the games. Two people from the age of 12 - 18  were randomly chosen to go into the arena and fight. Katniss and Peeta were the tributes from district 12. Katniss volunteered to go because her little sister Prim Everdeen was chosen, and she didn’t want her little 12 year old sister going into the arena.

Once they got to the capitol, Where they prepared for the games and got all their training, they were amazed by the way the people lived and dressed. the way they dressed was just so incomparable to they way they dressed back in district 12. also everybody that lived in the capitol got food which was made to perfection, and a good home which was nice and bigger than the homes they lived in back home. the building where they were living for the short time they would be there, they were massive and had the most amazing views and a nice room and bed to sleep in. All of the tributes got time to practice themselves and get trained in  the stuff the weren't good in. At the end of their week in the capitol they show off to the judges and the judges score the tributes. Both Katniss and Peeta were given good scores, Peeta got a 9, and Katniss got an 11. The highest score you could get would be a 12.

Once they get into the arena is when the good part happens. Katniss goes off in her own direction, but peeta teams up with people from other districts. later on the meetup and Peeta saves her life.

The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King

Being a reader who enjoys the typical cliche young adult books, I did not expect myself to like The Dust of 100 Dogs. A.S. King changed my perspective with her spine-chilling story of a female Irish pirate with a strong urge to sever the head of anyone who doubts her. "Emer tried a few of these things, and eventually found that she enjoyed ripping an eye from the men she killed. Especially the men who'd glared at her body. It was a way to remind them to never underestimate a woman, she figured." (217).

In the late seventeenth century, Emer Morrisey almost escapes the pirate life with her one true love, Seanie Carrol, and her treasure when the situation takes a turn of events and she is cursed with the dust of one-hundred dogs. Three centuries later, she’s reborn as Saffron Adams, a modern teenager awing people with her extensive knowledge of the Civil War. King pulls the reader directly into the story, allowing them to experience the characters’ hardships first-hand. King also includes multiple dog facts throughout the course of the book to correlate Emer's thoughts and actions as a human to them as a canine. "Humans want to conquer everyone they can, and buy everything they see. I think this is because humans have forgotten how to be happy. It's not their fault - it's not easy figuring our how to be happy in these days of anything but moderation." 

If not for Seanie Carrol, Emer would not have taken part in the pirate life. He was her one true love, and she plans to remain his although the chances of seeing him again are scarce.

Due to the author's non-traditional writing style, I didn't connect with the majority of the characters, especially Fred Livingstone. Fred is a deranged, delusion middle-aged man with unhealthy thoughts and being inside his head made me slightly uncomfortable. Overall, my experience of reading this book was great. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Dust of 100 Dogs and would recommend it to readers who enjoy books with a strong female lead and adventure.

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher is about a boy, Clay, that receives a mysterious shoe box of 13 cassette tapes. Throughout the book it talks about his struggle with listening to all 13 tapes with the voice of one of his old classmates, Hannah, who committed suicide. On the tapes it talks about all her reasons why she killed herself and each tape talks about a different person. “If you are listening to one of these tapes you are one of the reasons why” (7). When he hears that it shocks him cause he thought “What could I have done, was that night really that bad? It was only one little thing” (9).

In 13 Reasons Why, Asher did a very good job of combining Clays thought and Hannah’s story together. “’I know. They are. I’m sorry.’ Don’t apologize. Talk to him!”(161) The book was very good, had an interesting story. I just think about how genius Hannah was to make those tapes. To make sure those people get what they deserve. If  I were to commit suicide, not say that I have any plans on killing myself, but if I was going to I would make tapes and makes those people get what they have coming to them. Have them forever remember what they did because after something like that you do not just come back from that. Everything was very easy to get nothing complicated. Anyone that is looking for just an easy read or something fast and not too complicated to understand would love this book. It is diffidently made for a teen read. There was not much action or suspense to it really just nice and easy but I must admit some other the things that happened to her, she could have just blown off quite easily. I feel bad for Clay he could have really helped her get through some stuff if only she reached out to him.

Asher, Jay. Th1rteen R3asons Why: A Novel. New York: Razorbill, 2007. Print

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous is a very eventful book about a young girl named Alice who moves to a new town with her family. As she tries to fit in her new School and make friends, she has trouble but she soon gets better. Events happen that will change her life forever.

Alice is the main character and this is a journey through her diary. After she makes friends she stumbles in to the wrong crowd and her life starts to change.

The new drugs that everyone is taking at her School are all around her and soon they catch up to her and become’s a user.

This is a truly great book for the young adult audience and for anyone who wants to see the mind of a girl affected by many different drugs. 

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Shadow, by Orson Scott Card, is about a very small child named Bean who started starving on the streets and finished becoming a commander of a fleet of spacecraft.

This book is from a third person limited view of Bean. Bean has been underestimated by everyone for his small size until he shows just how clever he is. The main point that the book builds  up to in the story is the war with an alien race that the humans call the “Buggers”, who threatened the human race’s existence during the first war. The second main character is a child named Ender. Ender takes control of an army in Battle School. Battle School is a place that trains children how to fight in space so they can defend Earth when the Buggers attack. Ender uses this army he has to get high scores on the school’s ranking system so that he can soon take command of an actual fleet in space. Ender is then the one child the School’s staff leans toward to defeat the Buggers and eliminate them from existence.

This book is wonderful to the general public who enjoys a good sci-fi story while wondering what bean will do next in his goal to become a leader.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments series, book number three City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. The country named Idris, home of Shadowhunters. The City of Glass, known as Alicante is where the families live and the where the Clave is. Clary needs to travel to Alicante to find a cure to save her mother. The plan is that she will travel to Alicante with her brother Jace and the Lightwoods. Her brother Jace has different plan, his plan is for Clary to stay in New York with her best friend Simon. Jace had his plan worked out the portal was open and ready to travel to Alicante, until there’s a near death situation between the Lightwoods, Jace and Simon. The situation causes them to go through the portal with Simon. This is highly illegal, since Simon isn’t a shadowhunter, or a warlock. He is a vampire, not just any vampire a daylighter. He can be outside in the middle of the day without the sun scorching him to death. When Clary finds out that they have traveled to Alicante without her she’s furious and she’s determined to find a way to Alicante on her own. While in Alicante Jace has no idea of Clary’s plan. In Alicante Clary meets other shadowhunters, and goes to find her brother. The evil mastermind Valentine, the father of Jace and Clary plans to destroy the race of shadowhunters.

During this book Clare put so much detail into this book its beyond belief, example: “A strange smell drifted up through the opening; dank; musty with a weird metallic ting that sent her nerves on edge” (196). Her style of writing is different in a cool, collective way. Not only is this book very detailed it’s thrilling, and suspenseful keeps you longing for more and curious about what will happen an example:“ Her first thought was that the portal had faded beyond repairing, and that she was stuck in the whirling black in-between place” (476). The people that will connect with this book, yet this series the most is, the people who love action, suspense, creatures/ demons from another world, and don’t forget the downworlders and warlocks, basically anything in that region. My thoughts about the book were that it left me wanting to read more and I want find out what happens next. While you read this book your brain feels like you've entered a whole new world.

Clare, Cassandra. City of Glass. New York: Margaret K. McElderry, 2010. Print.

Matched by Ally Condie

Imagine a world where the government decides who you love, where you work, and when you die. The novel Matched by Ally Condie is an example of a dystopia with a love triangle that occurs between the main character Cassia Reyes, Xander Carrow and Ky Markham. It is an incredible novel that keeps the reader interested to know what will occur next.

It all starts at a special matching ceremony where Cassia Reyes, who just turned seventeen, will finally learn who she will be spending the rest of her life with. "I've waited so long for this: for my Match Banquet. Where I'll see for the first time the face of the boy who will be my match"(4). Luckily for her, she is matched with her childhood friend Xander instead of a complete stranger from another country. She is given a microcard that shows information about him, but a technical error shows her matched with another boy - Ky Markham.

Ky is classified as an "aberration'', which means that he is not meant to be matched. "This is confidential information, but Ky Markham could never be your match. He will never be anyone's match"(46). Cassia begins to question her match with Xander and her new relationship with Ky soon jeopardizes their future. The "Officials" are the people who monitor the peoples actions to make sure that they are not breaking the rules and report it to the ''Society'', which is their government.

They have strict rules and restrictions. Their food is delievered to them and prepared by the "Officials" everyday so that it could meet everybody's nutritional needs and they all have to wear regulation clothing. Citizens are assigned to theb jobs that best match their skill set. In this society there are only 100 preapproved poems, songs, and paintings. All other works, have been destroyed so that the people do not get any ideas about free thinking and rebellion. "My great-grandmother, an Official herself, did steal that poem"(126).

Author Ally Condie makes it clear that having a society that is disease free and very peaceful may not always be as good as it sounds. Citizens follow rules that keep them in a state of ignorance throughout the whole book and that is a true dystopia. Readers that like a good dystopia and romance novel will really enjoy reading this book.

Condie, Ally, and Irene Vandervoort. Matched. New York: Dutton, 2010. Print.

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers is an inspirational and interesting book to read. Ali has conquered many milestones since the beginning of his in Louisville Kentucky. But what is interesting is how he said things that you wouldn't expect others to say. Famous quotes like “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” and him yelling “I am the greatest” showed how confident he was in his skills in the boxing ring. Even I will admit, he was too cocky at times.

Ali has been through so much in his career even before he was a well known boxer. Without a doubt he is the greatest boxer of all time. Ali the fierce, tough, outspoken boxer was unstoppable. He proved this showing that he’s been knocked down but he got back up and won. He proved how to overcome problems, issues, and pain. “It also takes two types of pain, the anticipation that you’ll be hurt, perhaps badly, and the knowledge that you can stop more pain simply by quitting.” That is my favorite quote by him. 

Towards the prime of his career he became a legend by being in the biggest fight of his life. Ali life is a lesson that you should never fear pain or another opponent.

  The book Heaven Is For Real by  Todd Burpo is a book about a three year old boy named Colton. Its an astonishing story of his trip to heaven and back.
Three year old Colton living in a small town of Nebraska with his father Todd who is a Pastor. Colton was suffering from a rare illness and going into surgery, that is when he made his trip to heaven. When Colton was on his way to heaven he said “I saw my dad sitting in the waiting room praying for me and the doctors operating on me.

While he was there he said “he met his great grandpa that died 30 years before he was born.” There shared long impossible stories to each other. He mentioned his miscarried sister he met and that no one ever told him about”. Colton describes Jesus and his horse that only he could ride, about how “really big “ Jesus and his chair is and the kind words that are used”, And How the holey spirit” shoots down power” to help us out down here on earth” Colton told his father “Todd”  that “Heaven is forreral and to always be ready , it is a good place” when Colton told his dad and his family this remarkable story they had no idea what to believe the then the evidence was clear.

In my opinion this was an amazing story. It was made in pain with the loss of his grandfather and his little sister, and the praying he is going to be okay while he is being operated on. Then changes in to a dramitical happy story of his trip and back.  I am so glad this is the story I choose to read it is made an impact on my life and tought me that it is okay to die and heaven is a good place to be. It has such suspenseful climax, you feel as if you were right there in the story with him.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Alan Serrano The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Http://

The Lorax was an awesome book. I definitely know that children will like the book because of all of the strange animals, drawings, and the way the whole world looks like. The book was about a man that went to the forest full of truffula trees to start a business making strange things called thneeds. A thneed was made out of a truffula tree. Right when the man cut off a tree, a weirdly looking odd thing came down from the sky and told him that he is hurting the forest. The man, only young and naïve ignored the Lorax and continued with his business. But little did he know of what he was causing to the forest and all of the animal life that was there.

I thought the book was incredible by the way Dr. Seuss made the sentences rhyme for the entire story. The book also contains the strangest things as for animals, such as the Bar-ba-loots. They are only one of the strange types of animals in the book. They are little bear like things that like to eat and are completely harmless to others. Dr. Seuss has a mind like no other.

I thought the can be perfect for children. The book isn’t long like others I have read but not all short stories are horrible. This one was fun, amazing, and “something else” compared to other children’s books. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes a good story but doesn’t like to read too often. If you really think about it, the book is outstanding.

Alan Serrano

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

This was by far one of my top three favorite books. My thought of this book was amazing and incredible. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes science fiction and has awesome imagination. I am not much of a huge reader, but Ender’s Game kept me hooked ‘till the end. The book is about a young boy named Ender Wiggin that was chosen at age six to go into what they call battle school. Battle school is a sort of military school for young ones. Ender would go through a lot at battle school and would always be watched by the people that ran battle school because they sensed something in him that could help them win the war between humans and aliens. In the book, the aliens are called buggers and had attacked the humans first long ago. That is why they are in this war and the buggers had always dominated but every time they were close to winning, the humans always pushed through to the end. Now, they think that Ender has something special in him that could possibly help them end and win this war.

I thought the story of Ender Wiggin was unbelievable. He is an amazing strategist and super smart. He can even fight from how quick he is with his brain. But the life of Ender Wiggin is very sad too. He had to leave his family at age six. He had an amazing relationship with his sister Valentine and threw it away when he left to battle school. She was practically his only friend at the time. He spent most of his childhood at battle school. It was hard for him to make friends at first because commander Graff talked about how Ender was better than everybody in front of everybody. Eventually, he does end up making lots of friends but they leave him slowly, one by one.

Ender’s life was rough at such a young age. Commander Graff would make him train for such long period of times with little breaks. He would always be pushed over his limits. He would also have bullies trying to get him. Ender Wiggin would never get what he really wanted in life. He would always be ordered around to do things. Ender’s life is like none other compared to all of mankind. But I don’t think he will ever be as happy as he used to be. I enjoyed the book a lot more than I thought I would. I definitely recommend this book to anybody that is thinking about reading it.

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Someone once said “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it”. In Beaufort, North Carolina during the 1950s, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks tells a story of a 17 year old Landon Carter, who learns to live life differently after meeting Jaime Sullivan. Landon is the kind of guy who cares too much about what people think of him. When Jaime comes into the picture, he only cares about being with her.

At school Landon is one of the popular kids, While Jaime is quiet and is always alone. When they get put in the same class they begin to talk. They start talking because the teacher assigned Landon to be one of the main characters in the Christmas play with Jaime. Then while they are becoming closer Landon helps Jaime with the orphanage. He also takes her home when he is asked by her because Jaime helps Landon with his script for the play. When Landon sees Jaime dressed up in her outfit for the play he is amazed by how beautiful she looks. During the play Landon says to himself “She looked exactly like an angel” (115). Jaime and Landon start to care for each other as they keep hanging out and being together. When Landon invites Jaime to the dance Jaime makes it clear with Landon that she does not want him to fall in love with her. On the front Jaime tells Landon “You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me” (38). Jaime has her reasons for Landon not to fall in love with her.

The main theme is “follow your heart.” Landon felt lost when he found out Jaime secret. When Jaime lets out her secret Landon feels sick “The moment she told me, the blood drained from my face and a sheaf of dizzying images fluttered through my mind” (165). He had to find an answer to this problem by following his heart. Also I feel “love conquers all” is also a theme of Sparks’ book. Even though Jaime’s secret becomes reality they both experience love.

Overall, I had a good reading experience. I enjoyed reading the book. I did not want the book to end so quickly. It is my favorite book so far. I was able to connect with the characters feelings towards each other and their emotions. Like when Jaime lets Landon know she doesn’t care about what anyone says about her. I think anyone would enjoy this book, especially everyone who enjoys reading novels.

Crews by Maria Hinojosa

Crews by Maria Hinojosa

Do you like spending time with your friends? Do you sometimes not get along with your family?  And when you fight with them you leave your house to be with your friends in your neighborhood? Do you guys do crazy things? Well Crews by Maria Hinojosa , is something like that but crazier, like killing someone , no longer talking to your friends for a guy you just met and attacking anyone who crosses your path telling you what to do.

After reading Crews by Maria Hinojosa I would recommend people to read it, it tells us what we can go through if we were to go in the streets. The book talks about how teenagers having lots of stress and problems with family/friends and makes them do this crazy things that can mess up their childhood, but yet make it fun . And there friends are their family. And they do things on the streets where they grew up. They do some crazy stuff to be known. So when people see them on the streets they get frighten, to be near them.

Maria Hinojosa goes to different neighborhood to interview different crews. Different people had different problems. Some are pregnant and some dropped out, people think they belong on the streets, people fight with their families for dumb reasons, and some do not have their family with them, some go to school but when it come to Saturday and Sunday they back on the streets.

Teenagers stress for the littlest  things and sometimes they can mess up in school and end up dropping out, thinking life will be easier but it is not. If enjoy doing crazy things you might relate to this book. this may be the book for you to read, you’ll enjoy it and if you have done that you may laugh.

Wake by Lisa Mcmann

In Wake, writer, Lisa Mcmann, writes about a girl named Janie (protagonist), a senior in high school, whose have had a special ability to join other people’s dreams (antagonist) since she was eight years old. She gets sucked into other people’s dreams she sleeps next too, her body becomes numb, and she becomes blinded while coming out of her dreams.
Janie has been loved and has loved, she’s pretty real in relationships, as it goes for Cable (an undercover cop detective in high school) who’s never been in love, but he catches feelings for Janie strongly. He doesn’t really bother with girls he focus on school and grades.

*Spoiler Alert* Janie really doesn’t understand her power till one of her teachers keep seeing Janie in her dreams. “Dear Janie, Thank you for my dreams. From one catcher to another. Martha Stubin. P.s you have more power than you think” (129) Janie and Cable both are very mature and don’t play around, they both click, because both of them didn’t have much of a childhood.
The writer encouraged me to keep reading. The way my hands were glues to the book. You had to keep reading to figure out the bad guy in the book. I liked Lisa McMann’s techniques. The type of readers who like suspense and fiction books will not want to put this book down.

McMann, Lisa. Wake. New York: Simon Pulse, 2008. Print.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur

The book by Tupac Shakur the rose that grew from concrete is was on my favorite book. Because he is telling us about his life what he was put through the friends and family he lost what drugs can do to you and see how one life can change everything in one life he was put through love. Tupac was not just a rapper he was a publisher after his death, his legacy and music well never be forgotten even if he’s not here he is still one of the greatest rapper a live.

In one of his quotes he says this “in the event of my demise when my heat can beat no more I hope I die for a principle or a belief that I had lived 4 i will die before my time because I feel the shadows depth so much I wanted 2 accomplish before I reached my death I have come 2 grips with the possibility and wiped the least tear from my eyes I loved all who were positive in the event of my demise.” He’s saying that anyone can grow up from any hood or any society that is rough.

In one of his quotes he was saying that when drugs weren’t in neighborhoods it was peace and when drugs were in people system nothing was ever the same there was never peace. Most of the his quotes were about how his life was and how he was and how most people that he was just another rapper with no heart and stuff. But he made a change in some of the songs he was saying that how drugs got to his family and he couldn’t see any one the same again.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Sakur

The book by Tupac Shakur the rose that grew from concrete is was on my favorite book. Because he is telling us about his life what he was put through the friends and family he lost what drugs can do to you and see how one life can change everything in one life he was put through love. Tupac was not just a rapper he was a publisher after his death, his legacy and music well never be forgotten even if he’s not here he is still one of the greatest rapper a live.

In one of his quotes he says this “in the event of my demise when my heat can beat no more I hope I die for a principle or a belief that I had lived 4 i will die before my time because I feel the shadows depth so much I wanted 2 accomplish before I reached my death I have come 2 grips with the possibility and wiped the least tear from my eyes I loved all who were positive in the event of my demise.” He’s saying that anyone can grow up from any hood or any society that is rough.

In one of his quotes he was saying that when drugs weren’t in neighborhoods it was peace and when drugs were in people system nothing was ever the same there was never peace. Most of the his quotes were about how his life was and how he was and how most people that he was just another rapper with no heart and stuff. But he made a change in some of the songs he was saying that how drugs got to his family and he couldn’t see any one the same again.

Party By Tom Leveen

 “I'm the girl nobody knows until she commits suicide. Then suddenly everyone had a class with her.”The book I’m reading is called Party by Tom Leveen. If you’re the kind of person that likes drama or has deal with bad stuff in life, this is the kind of book you would LOVE to read. The first time I started to read Party, I thought wow! All these eleven teens have at least gone through one bad experience. They all know each other from at least one thing in the past, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, or relatives. The day of the party is the day they are all going to see each other once again. This party isn’t just a party; it is a party where all these eleven teens will be part of something bad. I wouldn’t say it’s in order, but it does go from one kid to another.
Each one haves their own story to tell about their life’s and why they are going to this party. In the first chapter, a girl named Beckett is talking about how her mother died and now she haves no one in her life. Why? She only lived with her mom. She haves no friends. The one that was supposed to be her best friend had found a new friend. Ever one of her friends had a banded her. Every day she talks to herself, but she is really talking to her mother that has died.
The day of the party, her mother’s spirit told her to go to the party, to go make friends. Beckett doesn’t want but she’s going just to get her best friend back. Like I said every one of these characters know each other from something they have had for each other. And Beckett is the first one to start of the book about what she been through with these teens. I’m not going to say more information about this book, but I will say that everyone should read this wonderful, sad, interesting book Party. 

Warior Angel By Robert Lipsyte


In the book called, Warrior Angel, by Robert Lipsyte describes an event that would bring our champion, Sonny Bear, a chance to regain his true power. Knowing that he lost his family members in the past years, he still determines to be the best boxer in the world. This book is by far the most exciting book I’ve ever read. Even though there’s some parts of the book that doesn’t make sense, but it really inspires me to thrive for the best at anything. For readers that enjoy sports or people that love to read sports. I would recommend reading this book because in some ways it can probably make a big impact into your life or cause a change into your personality. So I would suggest this book the readers who are inspired to become a boxer because it’s really worth it.
In the beginning of the match, Sonny Bear was ready to be in the ring. As soon as he was warming up in the locker room, he kind of felt a bit drowsy and mentally weak for some reasons. Soon he realizes he wasn’t going to win the match tonight. He needed help, and he needed help fast as possible. Until he received an email that was sent from the Warrior Angel saying “Do not lose heart. I come on a mission from the Creator to save you.” (Pg. 6). Knowing that he has strong sense that he might lose the match, there is still a chance for him to change his mind. Unfortunately he ends up losing the match and from then on he was just never focused on winning any match anymore. This means that Sonny Bear wasn’t the person he was before such as courageous, braveness, strength, and the power of will to fight till the end.
Sonny was not prepared to change to the person he was before until someone decides to show up. His name was Starkey. Starkey was a very helpful person and a friend you can trust. To Sonny, Starkey was the only person he could rely on at this moment. Not the coach, not the trainer, but Starkey only. He was the reason why Sonny went back on his feet. If it wasn’t for the help of Starkey, Sonny would have change. He has help him Sonny regain his strength and strength was all that he needed. In the end, to return a favor, Sonny has also saved Starkey from trouble that was coming in his was. Also in the end, Sonny says to Starkey, “Let’s go little brother. Starkey began to cry as Sonny pulled him out into the sunlight.” (Pg 183).
The author is very inspirational to me because it creates some sort of bond. In the end of the chapter, it has really touched my heart and has done a great impact onto my life. The author uses great word choices even though was some bad languages and slangs that is not appropriate to some readers. There was some sentence error in some areas. In the first half of the book it was a bit boring, but as I read the other half of the book it was okay. It got very intense and there were lot of details about what or where the event was at. His sentence has a strong meaning to it. For example, “Can’t quit now.” (Pg 181). The word quit is a strong word because it basically mean don’t give up. Overall the author wrote a good suspencial book.
I find this book very cool in some ways. This book really inspired me a lot and I hope to read other books that are from Robert Lipsyte because he has shown me that he could have the potential to become the best bookseller in the whole universe. I was very pleased at the end because it got very exciting and really enjoyed from what I read in the book. Overall this book is great because it’s all about sports and sports are my favorite hobby.

Star-Spangled Banner by Margaret Sedeen

             My book review will be on the book star-spangled banner. The book star-spangled

      banner, covered from the birth of our flag into the cold war, It beast on true historical fact. In the book it starts talking about how the colonists were upset with the British. That the colonists were wanting a revolution against the British. The reason for this was that the British were unfair in tax in there stamps like money. Colonists rebelled and started a revolutionary war. This was the revolutionary war that began the United States. On September 1783 Benjamin Franklin s signed a “peace treaty with the British “. The revolutionary war is over. The United States was know a country.                                                                                                              Something that I thought was interesting, is that back then the us flag had fifteen stripes.”May 1.1795 the flag of the united states be fifteen stripes alternate red and white.” Know it is thirteen stripes alternate red and white. To go  back a little way’s on June 1776 Mis. Ross’s was asked to make the first American flag (as seen on pages 43-44in the book)
     Now I will skip for word into time. It tells us about pearl harbor and how the jap’s boomed  it during world war 2 ( pg-134) then it goes on to the cold war. It shows us a picture of oil well’s on fire because of Iraq. (pg144)

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline, novel by Neil Gaiman, is a supernatural fiction about a young girl who finds a small door into a parallel dimension similar to the world that surrounds her. Coraline Jones moves into apartment homes with two retired actresses, Miss Spink and Miss Forcible and a Russian acrobat, Mr. Bobo. She feels neglected when her parents are so busy from their work. Now, Coraline wants attention and feels bored. She visits the neighbors as she’s a nice person. When Coraline walks upstairs to visit her other neighbor, Mr. Bobo warns her about danger that would occur in sometime. When she returns home, Coraline finds a small door that’s framed into wall, so desperate to open it, but disappointed that the door opens a brick wall. As her parent tells that she can’t talk to strangers, Coraline refuses that command, and walks towards the brick wall (During the night, the bricks disintegrated into a passage way entrance.) Of course, Coraline crawls into the tunnel and when she reached the other side of the tunnel, the room is opposite format of the original world. Back in her world, she wished that her family was perfect because her dad cooks (in which she doesn’t enjoy) and her mom cleans the house (that annoys Coraline)

Inside the other world, Coraline starts to appreciate the way how her other parents treated her with foods she likes and games she likes. The Black Cat visits Coraline in the other world to warn her about the other mother that she wants something to love and appreciate and reminded her about the “missing children” reports. After demanding her other mother to return home, the other mother plunged her behind the mirror where she encountered three ghost children. The ghost children told her that the witch prevents them to go to heaven, and someday she may ascend them to hell. Now, Coraline has to save both her parents and the ghost children before the other mother “eats” them (the ghost children helped her out when they place their eyes on the items she would find easier) The three ghost children help her find their "eyes" on materials she'll find easier throughout the other world. For now, Coraline is trapped in the world until she could escape through the door into her world.

Buried Onions by Gary Soto

I think the book Buried Onions is a good one. I recommend this book to all teenagers. This book deserves all 5 stars because of the real life things that go on in the book. I real like thins book because it show how a man can go through such struggle and triumphs over it. I also like this book because this book touches on real life subject such away poverty destroy innocent peoples live.
The book Buried onions was a very interesting book. The book is about a Mexican American young boy named Eddie, living I very bad gang inverted city called Fresno. Buried Onions is interning to me because it’s all about the hardship that many teenagers have to face today. he was trying to tie Eddie Mexican teenager who despite his surroundings and boy hood influences decides to be accomplishing something. His friend and family to face the meaning him all freaked out and he doesn’t know what to do. “He was trying it all together what I meant by painting crabs and just where he was possibly who he was”(20). like I was saying all teenagers should read this book.
By Soto Gary.

The portions is Eddie and the antagonist is his friends.
Soto, Gary. Buried Onions. New York, NY: HarperCollins, 1999. Print.

Brave by Robert Lipstye

I read the book, “The Brave,” by Robert Lipsyte. This book is really interesting and fun to read. If you are a sports fan than you would love this book. This book is about a boxer that goes by the name of Sonny Bear. Sonny is a Native American boxer that lives on the reservation and fights other people from many different places. He lives with his uncle and he is also his personal trainer. His last fight was against a white man at a bar in the countryside where there are many white people who are racists. He lost the fight but that was only because the white man had kicked him in the crotch numerous times. He was so mad after the fight he just felt like running away from his uncle because had stopped him from beating up the white man. He ended up running away to New York to find his mother .

Once he approached New York he made a couple of new friends. These friends were not just some good friends, they were bad friends. He made some drug dealing friends and ended up getting into the business of drug dealing. He started helping his friends sell crack until, BOOM! He got caught, but apparently the dealer he was friends with was one of the most wanted men in New York. So the officers made a deal with him to try to get him to trap his friend into jail. So they let him go. He was still friends with the dealers, he actually had a little crush on one of the dealers, and her name is Doll. This book is a very interesting book.

There are many characters in the story. The protagonist is Sonny Bear, the boxer. The antagonist is the officer that arrests Sonny and makes a deal with him, his name is officer Brooks. There are many different characters such as his uncle Jake, his crush Doll, and the dealer Stick. Stick is not really his real name it is his street name. These characters are all very important to know.

This is a really good book. It may seem boring to read in the beginning but once you keep reading to the end it is a really good book.

The Afterlife by Gary Soto

This novel The Afterlife by Gary Soto is a very interesting novel but it can sometimes be confusing. The book it’s about Chuy that he gets killed by someone in a club called Estrellas restroom.

Someone with some yellow shoes but the mystery goes on. At last he saw that people loved him and finds in himself compassion and bravery. You think a knife in the ribs would be the end of things but for Chuy that’s when his life gets interesting.

My experience of reading this book was about that he cared about his family and his best friends, “I saw that my mom and dad were crying” (43). He realized that he was important to his parents.

Soto’s style of writing is to make people want to read it because it talks about him and how he died sadly for no reason, “No let’s wait for my mom and dad to come back” (20). He wanted to see his mom and dad fo9r the last time. The type of reader who would like this book is someone who enjoys reading about someone that comes back to life. I recommend this book to all kids that like to read books that are mysterious and fun.          

Soto, Gary. The Afterlife. Orlando, FL: Harcourt, 2005. Print.

The Afterlife by Gary Soto

This Novel The Afterlife by Gary Soto is an interesting book and at the same time confusing,this Novel is about some adolescents that are in High School.

 They have a normal life as everyone,but when the time is passing they will have problems with each other,Rachel,Chuy and Eddy the Three friends all them are Mexicans.

 One day Chuy was in the school's bathroom in a mystery guy with yellow shoes entered too and stabbed him on the back,Chuy started to Bleed without control while the mystery guy was gone.Chuy died.Then he became a ghost and returned,but like ghost,no one could see him,just feel his presence.

Before Chuy die he thought no body cares about him.After he dies, he sees that people actually do care about him. Chuy says to himself, "My parents, followed by Uncle Richard and my mom's comadre, Carmen, entered with their faces lowered.They had stopped crying but their eyes were red"(56).Chuy could walk through walls, and walk much faster than ordinary steps.When Chuy visited his parents,they were very sad.

Chuy's mom wants Chuy's best friend, Eddy, to kill Yellow Shoes so that they can avenge Chuy's death.They had a conversation."I want you to do it. Eddy looked away. Come on mi'jo you can do it. I can't. It's wrong"(59). Here Eddy is facing one of his problems by deciding not to kill Yellow Shoes because he knows that Chuy wouldn't want that to happen and it is wrong to take revenge.

Chuy feels lonely that he cannot communicate with anyone.Chuy is getting frustrated when he cannot say goodbye to his "girl", Rachel. Chuy says to himself, "I looked down at the mirror on the floor. I couldn't see myself, only a crack in the ceiling. I want Rachel to be my girl. My loneliness was as deep at that mirror"(46).

Then Chuy met a girl named Crystal and she died of an overdose of drugs. She killed herself because she was confused about what to do. Chuy and Crystal fell in love with each other and they both lived life as a ghost as they slowly vanished into thin air.

Soto, Gary. The Afterlife. Orlando, FL: Harcourt, 2005. Print.

The Wizard of Oz

"No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, we people of fresh and blood rather live there than in any other country, be it ever so beautiful. There is no place like home"(32).This quotation is from The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

A girl named Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas until a cyclone arrives, and takes her and her dog Toto to the land of Oz. Things in Oz are strange and interesting, but Dorothy just wants to get back home. Wishing to return home, she is helped by the witch of the North, and she meets the Scarecrow who wants a brain, the Woodman who wants a heart and the Cowardly lion who wants courage. They all hope the wizard of Oz help them so they overcome many obstacles together to find him.

After reading this novel, I know that no matter where we are, home is always the best place for us. There are our families and our favorite things. At home, we are safe and relaxed. So no matter how difficult to go home, Dorothy never give up.

I also learn that teamwork is important. When we are in trouble, we can ask friends for help, and also, when our friends in trouble, we should go to help them. In this novel, Dorothy and her friends solve problems together. When the Wicked Witch orders a pack of wolves go to tear them to pieces, “The Woodman raises his axe and chop the wolf’s head from its body, so that it immediately died”(83). When the Wicked Witch orders a flock of crow fly to peck out their eyes and tear them to pieces, “The Scarecrow twisted a neck, until at last all were lying dead beside him”(84).

I think this is a wonderful book for children. The language used in this book makes it fanciful and interesting. It is easy to read, the vocabulary is not horribly complicated. However it contains adult themes so I recommend it for everyone for a fun quick read.

Baum, L. Frank. The Wizard of Oz. New York: GuildAmerican, 1978. Print.

Night Star by Alyson Noël

Best friend makes the worst enemies they know all your secrets, your weakness, and just now to hurt you most. Sixteen –year old, tall, blonde and beautiful” ‘the heroine of night star by Alyson Noël," Ever Bloom been through a lot she lost her parents in car accident, since then she been hear people thoughts and seeing their aura’s. Ever was sent to live with her aunt. Sabin, and was relocated to Laguna Beach, California. This beautiful place is where she met a stranger and gorgeous and tall, Damen Augusta, who seems very familiar.

Her whole life turns upside down when Drina turns up suddenly and Damen seems to know her a lot more than ever thinks. People start to die and ever friend gets a horrible infection. What’s Drina and Damen relationship? Nothing will ever be the same. “ Knowing that wishes does not always come about in the way that we think, but if you believe and keep your mind open, there’s a really good chance that they manifest in some way”, (page 99).

Noel wonders what love means to this kids because Ever boyfriend Damen have a secret affair with Haven, Haven says her and Ever are more than best friend their sisters but she goes and sleeps with her boyfriend. Then Ever asks Damen what happens and he says nothing so she forgets about it, then Ever sees her Damen with haven’s blood all over the floor and his shirt and haven groaning lying half dead on the floor next to him. She suddenly gets a clue what Damen could really be. So she asks him if he is vampire and Damen says “He is not a vampire he is an immortal “, (page 204). Though out the book Noël gives us the protagonist, Ever, mysterious side but a very great character, as Damen.

 This book is good romantic fantasy and readers that like romantic fantasy will enjoy reading this book. This book will capture your attention. Recommend everyone to read this book is an amazing book. “ I may have made you an immortal, but you took it from there, “ I say, the words firm , deliberate, ground out between clenched teeth, despite damen having coached me to stay quiet , stay focused, to make it swift and clean, and not unnecessarily engage her in any way”, (page 310).

 Alyson Noel. "Night Star." N.p., 26 Nov. 2013. Web. 26 Nov. 2013.

Ice by Edward Myers

In the book Someone like you by Sarah Dessen is a fictional story about two teenage girls that have a lot of problems coming towards theme a lot of tragedy, and family problem. This book is a first person story. It really captures your attention. This book gives you a lot of imagery; teenager’s lives situations, and problems.

This book captured my attention because Dessen showed a lot of imagery in this book for example "The bell rang then, loud and jarring and bounding off the walls of the huge, hollow gym as everyone stood up."(69) While I was reading the imagery it was so amazing i could actually picture the image in real life form. Dessen wrote a Lot of books but if you’re into teenage stories then you should read her books. Also if you just want to read books that have a lot of imagery. I especially recommend this book to readers out their.

Dessen style of writing is in first person "I got signed up for the all the wrong classes."(53) I connected to Scarlett pregnancy to my sisters pregnancy because Scarlett never told anyone about it as well as my sister. Someone like you has a lot of teenage complex with family, lovers, and friends.

Game by Walter Dean Myers


Everyone doesn’t like to read but they all read no matter what it is. It can be on a website or a text message. Each individual have that one favorite book they enjoy or like after reading. Do you have a favorite book you like to read or would recommend others to read? I would like to recommend people who are interested in sports or basketball to read the book “Game” by Walter Dean Myers.

This book takes place in Harlem Where there is a teenager Called Drew. Drew Lawson is a senior at a high school who knows basketball is taking him to places but his grades certainly aren’t. He wants to step up his game more so that the coaches would recognize him more than the other two new players who are new on the team and the rest of the players. It’s pretty rough for Drew to live in Harlem especially when he is a witness of crimes, gangs, alcohol or drug abuse. Teenagers give up on their dreams. Drew is trying to succeed through a rough life so he focused on basketball and his mother is proud that her son is into sports than committing crimes. "She knew he wasn’t about gangs. I was about ball." (6) This story was a little hard to understand because it uses street slang. They were steady rapping sunshine, but you could see the weakness in their eyes when all they had to stop rapping and walk away.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Wizard of Oz by L. FRANK BAUM

        The Wizard of Oz by L. FRANK BAUM is really famous with a lot of people and exciting for children. This book is really attractive to all the readers with Baum's skillful writing. He can make readers not feel bored, although many know what happens in the next chapter. But sometimes, the story has a lot of really fun circumstances or make readers despond. But I think it good because the story can make the reader have emotional ups and downs according to the story. 
        The Wonderland Wizard of OZ start with a girl's name is Dorothy. She has a good life with her aunt and her uncle in the gray Kansas. Everything is normal until one day, have a storm protrude and destroying everything in its path such as buildings, land, animals, fields and simultaneous bring Dorothy with her dog Toto to a wonder, beautiful land by some magic way!
        The first time to a strange place, by her lucky, she accidental kills the Wicked Witch of West and become a person who have the praise with love of all the people in this land. After listen about Oz, the Great and Terrible, state the energies and love for family, she decide to have a journey come to the Emeralds City with one desire is back to Kansas. 
        Dorothy starts her long and dangerous journey with the Silver shoes she retrieve from the Wicked Witch of West she kills by her lucky and one kiss of the Good Witch in the North with her partner, Toto.
      Pass a lot of challenges, she can meet the Scarecrow,TinWoodman and the Cowardly Lion. Now Dorothy group have more people, more fun and stronger then when she beginning. Five people, five personalities, but now, they solidarity, mutual help and become a happy family with an objective to meet Oz!
         Whether they can meet Oz? Whether they can petition what they desire or they will die before they meet Oz? If they can meet Oz, whether Oz will help them and they have all thing they want, 
then the story will the end at that time or they have a next journey with the challenge of Oz? And who is Oz? What is that guy look like? And what is the truth behind Great Oz?
         This book is really easy to read. The author's style writing is for children and people with a rich imagination "For year it was the fashion among children's book people to patronize Baum and his wizard with his imaginary comparisons with the classics, or try to ignore him together."(VII). This book is exciting and it connects to reader by state of the rubber, a little fun and meaningful of life.
         Baum, L. Frank. The Wizard of Oz. New York: Aladdin, 1999. Print

Book Review doooooooooood

This book is filled with suspenseful situations and action packed zombie killing. Throughout this whole book you’ll be on the edge of your seat crying and sweating due to the pure action and fear this book makes you experience. In this novel, you follow an active marine that’s insane to say the least. He’s completely prepared for the zombies to bust in and start munching, that’s where the guns come in. He uses his marine training to take down every zombie in his sight. When reading this book, you feel as if you are right there with him, killing zombies. He uses more than his weapons to take down hordes of the undead, in this novel, Mike uses some insane and demented techniques to take down his enemies. 

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer is a novel written about two young adults in love. At the beginning Bella Swan is supposed to be getting married to Edward Cullen, a vampire. Bella doesn’t know about Edward’s life until he saves her from getting hit by a car. Bella researches her observations on Edward and he finally admits he’s a vampire after she notices he wasn’t normal.

Bella and Edward are married. Leaving onto their anonymous honeymoon that Bella I’m doesn’t know about, they put their selves at risk. Bella is more at risk than anyone else. Bella becomes pregnant and her best friend, Jacob the werewolf, doesn’t realize she’s pregnant until her stomach starts to show. When Jacob finds out that Edward had done the worst to Bella, he becomes upset and Edward knows he messed up. Edward begs Jacob to convince Bella to take the, ‘’thing’’ out of Bella. What is inside her? How will the effect Bella and Edward’s future? No one really knows. Meyer has a good strategy to creating suspense for the audience.

‘’ You know her, Jacob. You connect to her on a level that I don’t understand. You are part of her, and she is part of you… she might listen to you.’’ Jacob has a connection with Bella that no one else can understand, not even her own husband. The connection within this novel isn’t that strong, but I would suggest this book to a reader who likes suspenseful happy ending related books. I am neither a vampire nor a wolf and I’m not in love with my friend’s soulmate which makes the connection unrelated.