Monday, March 24, 2014

A Child Called it by Dave Pelzer

By what I’ve heard “it” is treated poorly. “A Child Called it” is going to be sad. I just know, may say don’t judge a book by its cover but this book title tells it all. Knowing that you can’t leave the house until dishes are done. “Im late”


A parent should be loving and caring. The fact that drugs and alcohol can lead a parent to do bad things and that’s so true.  “Happy hour” (33). It’s just sad. And that shouldn’t be her excuse.


Most kids can’t wait to go home after school. “School became my only hope of escape.” (47). Any place but his house he loves being at. He’s comfortable everywhere but home. Coming home trying to refuse a fight with mother. “I know if I moved, it would only be worse.”(55). Can anyone at all imagine his pain?


Most kids look up to their mother. I know I do and most of my friends do as well. He on the other hand “monster became more like a monster.” (51). In his eyes. What is it like to fear your own mother? To be in a house with someone you hate. Mothers are normally that one person you go to for anything.


Home is a place to relax. But instead “I always kept my guard up and tensed my entire body if I thought she might come my way.” Why out of all the kids is mother always on his behind.


“I’m late”(3). Knowing that mother beat him before a long day of school. “It’s” child hood life was just horrible. What is it like to live in a house like that?

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