Monday, March 24, 2014

Fallen by Lauren Kate

 The book Fallen, by Lauren Kate, is a thrilling and mysterious book. Full of adventure that will suck someone in and make them feel as if they were the characters in the book. This fantasy book is a fun leisure read that will take somebody to a whole new world of angels and demons. This book is set in hot, muggy, Georgia were the air is very thick. There lived a girl, Lucinda Price or Luce, the girl who sees shadows. She is sent to a reform school, Swords and Cross, for an unfortunate event that happened in her last school, Dover. There at Swords and Cross, her fate is forever changed. She ends up meeting a corky girl, Arriane that becomes her first friend. Arriane introduces her to the weird people of Swords and Cross. There, Luce meets a compelling and mysterious boy, Daniel, whom she is much overcome with the feeling that she has me him before. She ends up finding thins out about this boy that she would have never believed before.

As a reader I found this book to be incredibly compelling. It mesmerized me. This book took me into a new world of angels. Into their drama, sadness, and love. The way Kate had worded and the vocabulary she used worked so well in the book. Everything fit perfectly it was easy to follow and not hard to understand. Someone that would read the book would be able to vividly picture the love and emotion throughout the book, between Luce and Daniel “One day, our love will conquer this dark circle. That's worth everything to me” (399).

Throughout his book Luce has to find out who she really is. She and Daniel have a curse over them, but she is does not know how she plays a part in it. In the book she has to find out who she really is, who she will become, how she could change everything for good or evil. Everything is in her hands. She must choose or herself good or evil, angel or demons, Daniel or Cam. She is so overwhelmed with everything that she feels as if she will die “I feel as if I could just fall and never get up. Daniel tell me what I should do, please. I can’t do this by myself” (425).

If you like fantasy and love then this book would be great for you. It is full of passion and love. Fallen has Angels and Angel demons. A book with action a love story and different characters that make it every fascinating.         

Artistic Response
This is supposed to show the first time Daniel took Luce flying. 


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