Monday, March 24, 2014

Heaven is for real; Todd Burpo

The Book “Heaven is for real” is a great story on a little boy and his family. This book shows the struggle a little boy that has gone through a lot of health problems, and he was going into sugary. In a way this story is a little bit sad and upsetting.
While the little boy was going into surgery he had passed away and went to heaven. He said that he saw is great great grandfather, and he introduced him to his miscarried sister that passed away nine years before he was born. He said he had met Jesus and Jesus showed him his big chair and his hoarse that only he could sit in and ride on. He also said he could see his father sitting in the waiting room praying for him to come out okay and be healthy.
Finally when they were done with his surgery they tried reviving him over and over again. They didn’t think he was going to make it, but he did he pulled through. When he did he waited for his father to come in and he told him his whole experience about his great grandfather, his sister, Jesus and his horse and big chair. He said heaven really isn’t a bad place to go and you shouldn’t be scared to go there.
I didn’t really have a good connection with this book because I have never lost my grandparents, nor been to heaven either. I don’t nessiarly like sad and upsetting books, but if you do this would be a great book for you to read!


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Burpo is a pastor of a crossroads church. He has 3 kids and he is married. He is a volunteer firefighter, and love writing books. The book “Heaven is for real” was published in 2010 by Thomas Nelson publishers. It is one of the top non-fiction books out and there are more than seven-million copies.

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