Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Hunger Games" By Suzanne Collins

Do you agree with teenagers slaughtering kids? “Hunger Games” written by Suzanna Collins consists of a lot of action and suspense. In the story, ever year one male and female from each 12 district’s  gets sent out to the capitol. Once in the capitol, they enter to participate in the  Hunger Games, where each tribute will battle to the death against all other tributes until there is only one survivor. The Hunger Game’s event is to remind all the people from the great war that occurred in the past, and how peace should be kept and hoping that war doesn’t continue in the future. It’s kind of Ironic how the Hunger Game’s is supposed to keep peace between the districts though
            The main character in the story is katniss everdeen and peeta mellark. Katniss volunteer’s to play as a female tribute instead of her sister prim and peeta gets called as male tribute, they are both in the same district, district 12. Katniss goes on an adventure in the capitol, training and meeting new people and trying to get as much sponsors as possible then later finding out that Peeta has feelings for her.
             Afterwards Katniss then enters the hunger game and plans mainly to survive but not to kill from my perspective. Katniss has a negative/angry personality throughout the story like thinking and saying that she won’t survive the Hunger games that she is weak.  The characters all have a unique role in the story that you will begin to have some connections with them.
 I would recommend this book to anybody, it’s one of the books that won’t waste your time and will take you on a long reading adventure that you won’t be able to stop by how interesting the story begins to accumulate throughout the chapters. A little spoiler that I will give you i that there is some sadness throughout the story that it might shed off some tear from your eyes. Sometimes we just need to learn to trust, be sure that it will be me. You will love this book!

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