Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Michael Jordan By Matt Christopher

This book “Michael Jordan” by Matt Christopher is full of detail and facts I never knew about Michael Jordan. This book is great for kids and teenagers who want to know more about Michael Jordan or for the ones who just like sports especially basketball. The book starts when Michael was young and the book begins to go into his career in college all the way to his retirement.
 Christopher explained how you can come from humble beginnings to becoming one of the greats “Michael spent hours at the Rack (His Homemade basketball court) practicing dribbling, shooting…” (pg.9). Most other books do not go as deep into Michael’s career when he was younger. His parents played a big role in his success Matt Christopher explains this by saying “Michael Jordan credits his parents James and Deloris Jordan, with teaching him the value of hard work” (pg.5). His father pushed Jordan to get better by never letting up on him Christopher quoted “When James Jordan played with his son, he did not ease off and allow them to win” (pg.8).
 Matt Christopher gives great description about his career and how other people viewed Michael. He gives quotes like “When I first got here, I thought everybody was a superstar. Now I realize I’m as good as everybody else” (pg.28). In that quote Michael shows how he used to feel less than everyone else but he finally felt as good if not better than everyone else. Michael Jordan never stopped after he completed a goal.
Thought Michael’s life he was never the one to give up without a fight. He once said “I never felt the desire to rest on what I had accomplished” (pg.4). His career exploded and people finally seen him as more than a great player in the NBA. Christopher quoted Magic Johnson saying “there’s Michael Jordan, then there’s the rest of us”. Michael had a legendary career in the NBA his determination and effort made him above average. Michael always gives his all since his younger years. Michael has done many accomplishes outside of basketball and Matt Christopher said it right “One thing at least is certain: Whatever Michael Jordan chooses to do, he’ll give his all” (pg.162).

Creative Response

I like to read about Michael Jordan. Matt Christopher gave great descriptions on how he became a great player. From what I read greatness isn't easy. I can relate to Michael Jordan Practicing in the dirt in his backyard. I learned to never give up and if things go the wrong way, work even harder. His hard work gave him an unbreakable work ethic. Overall from reading this book I learned your work should match how bad you want it .

Stout, Glenn, Stephanie Peters, and Matt Christopher. Michael Jordan. New York: Little, Brown for Young Readers, 2008. Print.

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