Tuesday, March 25, 2014


My book is about all different kind of poems. It’s such a wonderful book to read when you want to read about books. Any kind of poem and it’s there. I think that poems is a great way to chill and read when you want to get things about your mind. For example, if you love to read about all that love stuff and romantics. Its got it in this book. This book is just wonderful with all that romantic stuff. Or what about someone you lost and you want something to remind you of that person.Yes ! its got in here to. So many of these aurthor’s have wrote about their life. So, I think you can relate to them.

All of them express their feelings and what the they have been through just like YOU. Its a very wonderful book and thats why I think you or anyone should read it. You’re not a poem person? its fine but just try this book. I know you will love it. I love how this book haves anything in it. When I’m sad, it just haves something funny to get that sadness away. If I’m in the mood of laying down, then ill get the book out to make be feel even more better. Its a great book, I loved it so much.

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