Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old Blood and Guts by Alden Hatch

Old Blood and Guts

    The book Old Blood and Guts by Alden Hatchis a biography on General George is an exceptional book. It’s informational and has great word choice.

    The book is very informational. It covers his background and his role in World War 2. General Patton was known for being one of the best tank commanders in history. He had the some of the best well trained troops that he trained himself. He was in a lot of battles in World War 2 and the book goes over them including his emotional and mental state threw out them.

     The books word choice is very good. He used terms that were very common in the military and then the author explains them. For example “Panzer Formation.”  The author explains how that was a formation the German tanks used. Aside from terms the book has high word choice but not to high that people will have a hard time understanding it.

    This book is a great book to read if you enjoy books on war. This book has proven to be a great read.


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