Monday, March 24, 2014

Picture This by Norah McClintock

                                                 Picture This
Picture This by Norah McClintock is an interesting book about one young man’s journey to transform his life from being involved with gangs and theft to getting on the right track. It was published in 2009 and is a short book of one-hundred and nine pages. Although it is a short book it tells a great story filled with great imagery and helps you as the reader connect with the character.
            Ethan is a teenage boy who used to be involved with the wrong crowd, with the help of his new foster parents The Ashdales, his life starts to positively change. He joins a program designed to help at risk teens and gets involved with photography. We follow some major events that happen from his point of view. Trouble from the past starts to catch up to him, confused and scared he struggles with what to do.
            My opinions on this book are, it’s overall a great read! It is perfect because we get to see the challenges that someone trying to make their life better, can face. It’s interesting how much his life turns for the worse after doing well for so long.

            The book has left me amazed. The author does a great job with the imagery from this teenage boy’s life. It leaves the reader having a great understanding of what is going on. I suggest this book to absolutely everyone.
I drew this because Ethan was involved in the "Picture This" program for at risk teens. This is his favorite spot to take photos at.

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