Wednesday, March 26, 2014

QB1 by Mike Lupica

The book “QB1” by Mike Lupica is one of the most suspencial books that I have ever read. The author is very well in using images to describe the events throughout the book. He puts a lot of thought into his writing which I personally like because it shows me that the author was his best to make the reader love the book. In this book, Mike Lupica describes a young man name Jake Cullen, the well known family in Texas, was finding a hard time looking for talent to become the best Cullen there ever was. The author describes the main character more as self-confident player, yet hard-headed quarterback because of his lack of learning. For example, “I am tired of practicing, argues Jake. How about we just go home and rest for awhile” (67). Not only that, but the author uses a lot of slang words, for example, “You must be out of your snoopy mind” (188).


A 16 year-old teenager name Jake Cullen a freshman quarterback from Texas Longhorn High School was yet to become the best player in the team. Alongside with that, his brother Wyatt Cullen who took his to team to State last time winning the game with just the second of the ball-game, and also making a big game change throughout his high school year. Not to mention, the former NFL quarterback and local-legend, Troy Cullen, also made a big game change in his times. So basically the whole Cullen family side played football quarterback. This family tradition of being a quarterback all started from the best of the best, Troy Cullen. As the season still go on, Jake still struggles to find his game, but then overtime, he began to realize that he should practice more. As he goes out in the football field, he began to practice, and with practice gave him strength and motivation to become the best. In the end, he soon was named MVP for his football V team. Not only was he happy about it, but also the Cullen family.


            Mike Lupica is very much of a sports person based on the books he wrote which are sports. In my point of view he is very great with his writing. Although there were some inappropriate words throughout the story, I still enjoyed reading the book. He has great imaginations and uses good vocabulary. His words give readers heads up or some motivational quotes. Mike influenced to never give up no matter what because in the end, you’ll end up winning over anything that intends to weaken you. He is great author and I’m forward to more of his books.


This book has taught me very well to become very successful in life and to enjoy life as well. Sports is mainly all about having fun because you meet new people and get a shot to be the best at your main sport. In this book there is a lot of sentence that influence to become stay strong and never give up, for example, “To gain more yards, you have to work and play hard” (109). This book is by far my favorite book. It has taught me great lessons to keep moving forward and it’s just motivates me to join sport. Overall I give this book a hundred percent excellent book.
 "To gain more yards, you got to work hard and play hard" (109).


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