Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saving Private Ryan by Max Allan Collins

The book "Saving Private Ryan" by Max Allan Collins is an amazing book. The book is about a man named Captain John H. Miller and he goes into battle in Germany during the invasion of Normandy "Make a hole for the tanks". Just to save one man’s life during World War II and bring him back to the U.S. so that he can be with his parents because he is the last of four servicemen.

My experience of reading the book is that it is amazing and is brilliant. The book did not relate to me because I have never been in a war with anybody or ever disliked nor ever wanted to fight or cause a problem with someone. "Stay low in case they return fire at us through those bushes".

The author’s type of writing is he expresses the feeling that most of the men have on what is going on during the war wondering if they would die or the person they know. Captain John H. Miller was telling all of his men that it was going to be okay. One of Millers men said “Captain could you make a promise that we would get out of here alive” then Miller responded saying that he doesn't keep promises.  

  The type of reader that would like this book or enjoy it would be a person who would like to read books that are about realistic events that happened and book that are filled with history.

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