Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

In the book Someone like you by Sarah Dessen is a fictional story about two teenage girls that have a lot of problems coming towards theme a lot of tragedy, and family problem. This book is a first person story. It really captures your attention. This book gives you a lot of imagery; teenager’s lives situations, and problems.

This book captured my attention because Dessen showed a lot of imagery in this book for example "The bell rang then, loud and jarring and bounding off the walls of the huge, hollow gym as everyone stood up."(69) While I was reading the imagery it was so amazing i could actually picture the image in real life form. Dessen wrote a Lot of books but if you’re into teenage stories then you should read her books. Also if you just want to read books that have a lot of imagery. I especially recommend this book to readers out their.

Dessen style of writing is in first person "I got signed up for the all the wrong classes."(53) I connected to Scarlett pregnancy to my sisters pregnancy because Scarlett never told anyone about it as well as my sister. Someone like you has a lot of teenage complex with family, lovers, and friends.


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