Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan

When having a hard time in life you must let someone know what is going on. Darcy Wills found out that when going through a hard time. Darcy was the one to worry about everything and anyone because she does not want anything negative to happen to them.

In the the book Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan, Darcy always had a hard time sleeping because of problems going on at her house. Her parents would argue almost every night. She would always stay up at night by her parents door to listen to what they were saying, trying to figure out why they were arguing. “Darcy Wills hid in the dark hallway listening to the sound of her mother’s weary voice”(1). When Darcy was at work she would also have a hard time. She would have to deal with rude customers that she could not tolerate. When Duane walks into the ice cream shop he walks out with a smart remark to Darcy. “Keep the change. he said, leaving an extra quarter on the counter as if he was being generous”(22). But one day she sees her ex best friend Brisana walk into the door with her boyfriend Duane. Darcy could not recognize Brisana until she came up closer. Brisana looked way different to Darcy. She looked different, she wore different clothing, did different hairstyles, and even had a different attitude. Brisana walked into the ice cream shop surprised to see Darcy, but then she seems to not care to see darcy when she starts talking about Darcys clothes. “Brisana had no room to talk about clothes, not the way she was dressed”(19),  Which had worried Darcy a lot.

Darcy also had problems with having boyfriends. Darcys first real boyfriend had traumatize Darcy, giving her nightmares, being uncomfortable around boys and even being concerned about her little sister that had a boyfriend, which is the summer of secrets. When her new best friend Tarah tries to hook up Darcy with her cousin Troy Darcy does not know what to do. She gets nervous and starts getting flashbacks when Troy tries to talk to her and hold her hand. “Don’t do this. Not now, she thought. Please not now”(95). When she sees her sister with a boy she worries about if her sister knows what boys can actually do to girl without them even know its going to happen. “Yeah, well I just hope she knows what shes doing”(89). After everything Darcy finds out a even worst secret than hers. Brisana told Darcy a secret that made Darcy worry more than she worried about her own secret.

The theme of this book is stand  for yourself. I chose that theme because Darcy does not know what to do. But the only thing anyone can do is stand for themselves and do not let anything bring you down. But what does Darcy then do about all this commotion? Can she solve all  her problems and stand up for herself?

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The book just had so many realistic life problems, which made an interesting life lesson for all teenagers and even adults. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It tells you a truly great life lesson that can help many people in many different situations. No I can not related anyway in this book or I do not have any problems like her situations but if any come up I will be sure to know how to solve my problems or get them off my shoulder.

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