Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If you ever gotten bullied in your life you might relate to this has anyone ever bullied you or made you feel weak, worthless, or lowered your esteem? The Bully by Paul Langan tells us about someone who might have gone through it as well.

The Book is about this really skinny, small African American boy named Darrell, he is a new freshmen at Bluford. He doesn't know no one. There’s this kid named Tyray’s his big,and tall. He's the bully of the school.  Tyray picks on Darrell when they first meet.

A lot of people go through bullying and lots of people see it, but some don't. Kids commit suicide, because of bully people don't know what to do because they are afraid it will get worst. So then some kids hurt themselves, parents wouldn't believe what their kid is doing. So they can be free.

I've never known anyone that has commits suicide. And it’s surprising how many people actually doing it without realizing what other people who care might feel. Bullying brings down people. If I see bullying I'll say something, I wouldn't stay quite. Bully doesn't just hurt one person but many who care about the victim.

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