Monday, March 24, 2014

The Guardian by Joyce Sweeny

This novel The Guardian by Joyce Sweeny is a very interesting novel. The book is about Hunter working hard to feed his family but his bigger sister takes all of his money away from him when he works all day mowing the yards from other houses and neighbors.

My experience of reading this book was that working hard is going to pay off later on in your life and  to not get bullied by anyone or anybody at school or anywhere else you go. Working hard a lady tells him, "why can't you eat supper while i'm still mowing the grass"(37).  After mowing the grass the whole day he goes back home and he gets rest for the next day.

The author's style of writing is intense because he has to deal with his anger towards his sister and about someone who has bullied him at school and on the bus," Its great that you kids help with the housework"(48), Hunter was telling his small sisiter Jessie. Hunter has never had anyone to watch out for him, his mother gave him away when he was young and he never got to know his father.

The type of reader who would  like this book is someone who enjoys reading books that make you think about problems you had in your life and then you get over them by facing your fear and to never give up in something you like to do in your life. 

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