Monday, March 24, 2014

The Losers' Club by John Lekich


The book "The losers' club" by John Lekich is an amazing book and is informal book because the author use teenage language through the use of slang. "Yeah, if unusual means crazy" (30). This quotation supports the author's style.
This book talks about a group of guys that going at High School and are called losers by some situations there, " Manny says if it weren't for me, he'd be nothing but a walking bull's eye"(33). Manny is one of the losers and he says that referring you need still keeping on a same range. These guys are considered well because they aren't good on sports and similar things, also they have weird talents that makes them be seem different by others.
The main problem is that Jerry Whitman a guy kind of gang makes them feel bad. Alex one of the losers known as "The Savior" for his habit of helping out his fellow losers and fending off Jerry. " Everywhere I turned some zit-faced loser wanted me to be an oasis from constant torment. How could I refuse? After all, I was a zit-faced loser"(56). Jerry and Alex end up in a challenge that comprises Jerry's father and associated adults at the High School.
My experience of read this book was that violence and bullying people isn't funny.
The reader who would like this book is someone that likes solve schools problems or talk with people about his feeling problems.

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