Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This novel Frannie in Pieces by Delia Ephron is about a mystery of solving a puzzle and see what happens next in the book of events. Frannie wonders how her dad died and what happened to him. She discovers an elegant wooden box within an inscription, Frances Anne 1000. Inside, Frannie finds one-thousand hand-painted and carved puzzle pieces. Simon is an artist.

My experience of reading this book was interesting, sad, and about friendship. "You guys have been friends forever, Frannie "(44). My experience is reading this book gives you facts about what you don't get while reading this book like, Aerosol what this word means in the book, "Aerosol is known to contain Chlorofluorocarbons a breakdown the ozone and cause global warning." (172)
She wonders if her father had a premonition of his death and finished her birthday present early. Feeling broken into pieces herself, Frannie slowly puts the puzzle together, bit by bit.

The author style of writing is she's descriptive in her writing. The author makes an image in what she sees. "The photo shots to taken of Dad." (93) The author describes the Chef and how creative he is. "no logical sense ( a la mode means with ice cream, so what does that have to do with a chicken and a sprig of rosemary?) but Jenna lights up when she describes what he does.(169) The author uses image and simile to compare a volleyball to an object. She's describing how she sees the volleyball and the image in the book. " He probably gets easily fried, because his skin is as white as a volleyball." Image of a volleyball sunburned.( 182)

I connected with Frannie because she arrives in the kitchen and eats whatever she sees and wants to eat all kinds of candy and food. Another connection I have is watching a PG 13 movie. I like to watch any movie with action, funny, and entertainment to enjoy watching the movies. The type of reader that would read this book is someone who will like mystery and tries to predict what will happen next.In conclusion, this book was fun to read because there are some funny parts. The characters are descriptive and the settings. I would recommend people to read this book. People would enjoy this book and would want to continue on reading whatwillhappennext.

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