Monday, March 24, 2014

Traveling Route 66 by Nick Freeth


The book Traveling Route 66 by Nick Freeth tells about the history of the road and how it connects one side of the country to the other side of the country. 2250 miles of Route 66 history from chicago to L.A."(cover) The author moves from state to state telling the story of the route 66 and each state the road . Before Route 66 there were no interstate highways they were just local state roads. Most of the state roads were not even paved. This book shows many interesting photos of landmarks along Route 66 and also shows restaurants that were popular back in the day that are now abandoned. Fast food restaurants also became popular along route 66 for drivers who wanted a fast meal on the go. The book route 66 is for those people want to further their education on about the interstate route 66. The author Nick Freeth uses information given to him by the associations in each state that route 66 runs through.

The book is a very interesting historical book that takes you on a journey across many different states. The book route 66 is a very fun and interesting book to read full of adventure and excitement leaving me wondering what it will talk about in the next State and the next town it takes you to.

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