Monday, April 14, 2014

My Losing Season, by Pat Conroy


Lebron Raymone James, that’s his name

Pat conroy does not play the same

Lebron is a hall of famer

Payton Conroy is a average college player

Bron is black and famous

Conroy is white and nameless

But they both work hard

Both have tuns of money

SO Much its not funny

                                                           My Losing Season

             The book My Losing Season was a great book for the first hundred pages that I read.  It is teaching me a lot, not only about basketball but life outside of high school. This autobiography is written by Pat Conroy who is also the main character.  The book jumps around in settings but it mostly takes place in Orlando, Florida.  My experience from this book was good because I can relate to it. For example, when his dad asks him, “you were afraid today weren’t you?” after the game was common to me because that is what I hear after a bad game. .  The word choice Conroy uses is very basic but he uses crude language to put an emphasis on key moments.  Another example is when his coach says “I could tell you were chichenshit scared to check into the game.” There were two other main characters, one of the best players on the team and Conroy’s best friend.  The main conflict is Conroy’s team trying to win games but they continue to lose.  The only knock of this book is that it’s hard to follow. Other than that, anyone who really likes basketball will find it interesting. He opens the book by saying, “I was born to be a basketball player, but not a good one.” As a basketball lover that instantly makes you think what he did to become a college player. So not only did I learn and get a grade but I also learned a lot about the game and life itself in just the first couple chapters.

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