Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Ball, Mike Lupica


The book “ Summer Ball” by Mike Lupica is by far one of the best books I have ever read! The thing about this author is he is really good with his writing and seems to take his time to make sure that the reader enjoys the book. He is really good at making the story get more interesting after every chapter. After every chapter you just want to read more and more. He is really good with describing every action that is going on. When you’re reading it you feel like you’re in the stories, because of how good he writes the story.

Danny, a young basketball player, has always been one of the best players on his team, and even every other team he’s played on. He is just like his dad when he was little. His dad was an NBA player for quite some time. So Danny gets all from his daddy. The fact that he is short sort of brings him down and his goals because he is afraid he will never grow.

Danny is going to this summer camp and he realizes that he is one of the smallest guys there. This kind of brings him down, but what brings him down the most is a really good player named Lamar. Lamar was also part of the camp and he is really good and tall. After hearing about Lamar, Danny, fakes an injury to try to get sent home from the camp. Danny ended up getting some encouragement from a friend and decides to stay at the camp. Danny and Lamar’s team go against each other and Danny’s team wins the championship.

This book is a great book and I think after you read this book review it’ll give you the need to read this book. So if you haven’t read this book go read it yourself and experience a good book for yourself. I never usually liked to read books but after reading Mike Lupica, I kind of enjoy reading now, like honestly!

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