Monday, May 19, 2014

The Afterlife by Gary Soto

This Novel The Afterlife by Gary Soto is an interesting book and at the same time confusing,this Novel is about some adolescents that are in High School, but their lives change as time is passing by life’s circumstances.

They have a normal life as everyone,but when the time is passing they will have problems with each other,Rachel,Chuy and Eddy the Three friends all them are Mexicans.

One day Chuy was in the school's bathroom in a mystery guy with yellow shoes entered too and stabbed him on the back,Chuy started to Bleed without control while the mystery guy was gone.Chuy died.Then he became a ghost and returned,but like ghost,no one could see him,just feel his presence.

Before Chuy die he thought no body cares about him.After he dies, he sees that people actually do care about him. Chuy says to himself, "My parents, followed by Uncle Richard and my mom's comadre, Carmen, entered with their faces lowered.They had stopped crying but their eyes were red"(56).Chuy could walk through walls, and walk much faster than ordinary steps.When Chuy visited his parents,they were very sad.

Chuy's mom wants Chuy's best friend, Eddy, to kill Yellow Shoes so that they can avenge Chuy's death.They had a conversation."I want you to do it. Eddy looked away. Come on mi'jo you can do it. I can't. It's wrong"(59). Here Eddy is facing one of his problems by deciding not to kill Yellow Shoes because he knows that Chuy wouldn't want that to happen and it is wrong to take revenge.

Chuy feels lonely that he cannot communicate with anyone.Chuy is getting frustrated when he cannot say goodbye to his "girl", Rachel. Chuy says to himself, "I looked down at the mirror on the floor. I couldn't see myself, only a crack in the ceiling. I want Rachel to be my girl. My loneliness was as deep at that mirror"(46).

Then Chuy met a girl named Crystal and she died of an overdose of drugs. She killed herself because she was confused about what to do. Chuy and Crystal fell in love with each other and they both lived life as a ghost as they slowly vanished into thin air.

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