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Horton hears a Who by Dr. seuss

Horton hears a who one of my favorite stories of all time is, the book is a children’s book and was published in 1954 by Theodor Seuss Geisel under the name Dr. Seuss. The book was about an elephant name Horton who believes a small speck of dust talks to him, he thinks small people live called whose. The Whose live on a town named Whoville. The mayor of whoville tells Horton about the town and he could please protect whoville from Harm, Horton agrees.

His mission was to find a safe place to placed the speck
My experience on this book was fun, dr.suess believes that a person is person no matter how small he/ she is. I would recommend everyone to read this book, this book reminds me of child hood  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

                                           The Rose That Grew Fom Concrete Book Review
This book is a collection of poems. The title of this book, the Rose that grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur. I think the purpose and audience of the book is to put Tupac poems out, the audience is all people who love music. The Rose that grew from concrete is organized into three sections. The three sections are “the rose that grew from concrete”, “nothing can come between us”, and “just a breath of freedom”. As I read I came to the conclusion that the section was different parts of his life.

My experience of reading this book was grate. I had fun reading his poems for example in the poem GOD he said “when I was alone and had nothing I asked for a friend to help me bar the pain no one came except… GOD.”(59) Readers who like love poems would love this book because there are many love poem in the book. For example “I ran outside to feel the rain and I stayed out said awhile when the rain was done along came the sun as this was cupids smile.(78) 

I drew this based on diffrent poems from the book.

  1. Shakur, Tupac. The Rose That Grew from Concrete. New York: Pocket, 1999. Print.

Shooter by Walter Dean Myers


Amir Husen

  • While reading shooter i felt i was reading a genuine analysis of a shooting incident .the layout of the novel reads as a collection of various leading to school violence .clearly Myers did research and invested time into studying the type of questions different professionals would ask the teen and how the teen would respond. one of my favorite quotes in shooter occurs when a psychologist asks Cameron if he admired reonard for what he done Cameron   hesitates and says “ af first right after the incident i didn't and i don't think i admire him now. but him the i understand somebody that change your relationship with Them.cameron understood of his own experience with bullying Leonard’s action made sense. What frightening thought if everyone who was building reacted on their instincts to get revenge

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Old Blood and Guts by Alden Hatch

Old Blood and Guts

    The book Old Blood and Guts by Alden Hatchis a biography on General George is an exceptional book. It’s informational and has great word choice.

    The book is very informational. It covers his background and his role in World War 2. General Patton was known for being one of the best tank commanders in history. He had the some of the best well trained troops that he trained himself. He was in a lot of battles in World War 2 and the book goes over them including his emotional and mental state threw out them.

     The books word choice is very good. He used terms that were very common in the military and then the author explains them. For example “Panzer Formation.”  The author explains how that was a formation the German tanks used. Aside from terms the book has high word choice but not to high that people will have a hard time understanding it.

    This book is a great book to read if you enjoy books on war. This book has proven to be a great read.


Amri Chukwuemeka
Ms Hinton Sienz 
    Lebron Raymone James, that’s his name
Hes a big peace to the game, but hes not lame
Winner, mvp, teammate and to this day the best player
And after he retires he wants to be a the major
James is great, they say his prime is late but to me its his fate
Lebronn Raymone James that’s his name


     Divergent by Veronica Roth. A society split up into five factions. Each faction is based on personality. The five factions are Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, and Candor. Abnegation is the faction based on selflessness. Candor is based on honesty. Dauntless is based on bravery. Erudite is based on intelligence. Lastly, Amity is based on peacefulness.
     Beatrice Prior, a sixteen year old girl, must choose a faction of your choice. Your choice is based on a simulation test; a test that tells you what faction best suits your personality. Beatrice's test comes out inconclusive. Inconclusive, a test that came up with more than one faction she can go into based on her choice, otherwise known as divergent. Divergence is a dangerous, it means you can be aware during simulations. Beatrice chooses Dauntless, in the choosing ceremony, then goes through a dangerous Initiation. Initiation, a process of learning how to defend herself, fight, and it pushes her to her limits. She has to prove her worthiness and skill to pass the test, testing her mental and physical strengthens; or become faction-less and shunned from society.
     This book is a must read for young adults who enjoy a Utopian Word tossed into Chaos. Once you start reading its hard to put the book down, wanting to know what happens after every page. You'll lose yourself wanting to learn every event; upcoming in the next sequels.

Amiri Chukwuemeka
Ms. Hinton Sienz

                                                           My Losing Season
             The book My Losing Season was a great book for the first hundred pages that I read.  It is teaching me a lot, not only about basketball but life outside of high school. This autobiography is written by Pat Conroy who is also the main character.  The book jumps around in settings but it mostly takes place in Orlando, Florida.  My experience from this book was good because I can relate to it. For example, when his dad asks him, “you were afraid today weren’t you?” (pg.67) after the game was common to me because that is what I hear after a bad game. .  The word choice Conroy uses is very basic but he uses crude language to put an emphasis on key moments. 

        Another example is when his coach says “I could tell you were chichenshit scared to check into the game.”(pg. 69) There were two other main characters, one of the best players on the team and Conroy’s best friend.  The main conflict is Conroy’s team trying to win games but they continue to lose.  The only knock of this book is that it’s hard to follow. Other than that, anyone who really likes basketball will find it interesting. He opens the book by saying, “I was born to be a point guard, but not a very good one.” (pg.4) That will grab anyone’s attention who loves the game.

The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Tombs of Atuan, By Ursula K. Le Guin, is an outstanding book. It gets starts off slow, but it gets better after the first two pages. It doesn’t get terribly interesting until Ged shows up in the Tombs that only Arha, the high priestess, can enter. It has a moral that the reader can appreciate if something like that ever happened to him, or if the reader is paying close enough attention.

The first few pages of the book are slow. If you are a reader who doesn’t mind slow character development, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this book. If you do have a problem with slow character development, or it being slow in general, then this book may be difficult to just pick up and read. It gets better when Arha and her friend, Penthe, climb to the top of a wall that they are not allowed to. This is when Arha shows her true “high priestess” colors as her friend gets punished knowing full well that she, as high priestess, cannot.

The first chapter is confusing and takes lots of patience to read. It is not the best aspect of the book by any means. As for this part of the first chapter, “ ‘O let the Nameless Ones behold the girl given to them!’… Other voices reply, ‘She is Eaten! She is Eaten!’ “(7), the reader does not know what is going on. The reader does not even find out at the end of the book. Was it a sacrifice? It was a ritual of some kind, but what exactly happened?

The book’s main take-off is when Arha finds a man traveling the under tombs that only she can travel. He is then put into a dark room where he is to starve from food and water, but Arha is curious of him, so she keeps him alive to hear his stories. He showed up with her shocked. “She did not move. For a long time he crossed and recrossed the vast cave as if he sought something, but the priestess still stood motionless.”(84). Once she keeps him alive she realizes she is helping a prisoner, a thief, and she is the high priestess. Her viewpoint on the things she’s known change from then on.

The Tombs of Atuan is a good, slow, casual read. It is slow for the first few pages, but gets better when things start snowballing. The confusing first chapter might make a few readers put the book down and not pick it up again. It doesn’t really get interesting until Ged, a thief in Arha’s eyes, enters a place only Arha is allowed to enter. Overall, it is a wonderful book that should at least be given a shot.



QB1 by Mike Lupica

The book “QB1” by Mike Lupica is one of the most suspencial books that I have ever read. The author is very well in using images to describe the events throughout the book. He puts a lot of thought into his writing which I personally like because it shows me that the author was his best to make the reader love the book. In this book, Mike Lupica describes a young man name Jake Cullen, the well known family in Texas, was finding a hard time looking for talent to become the best Cullen there ever was. The author describes the main character more as self-confident player, yet hard-headed quarterback because of his lack of learning. For example, “I am tired of practicing, argues Jake. How about we just go home and rest for awhile” (67). Not only that, but the author uses a lot of slang words, for example, “You must be out of your snoopy mind” (188).


A 16 year-old teenager name Jake Cullen a freshman quarterback from Texas Longhorn High School was yet to become the best player in the team. Alongside with that, his brother Wyatt Cullen who took his to team to State last time winning the game with just the second of the ball-game, and also making a big game change throughout his high school year. Not to mention, the former NFL quarterback and local-legend, Troy Cullen, also made a big game change in his times. So basically the whole Cullen family side played football quarterback. This family tradition of being a quarterback all started from the best of the best, Troy Cullen. As the season still go on, Jake still struggles to find his game, but then overtime, he began to realize that he should practice more. As he goes out in the football field, he began to practice, and with practice gave him strength and motivation to become the best. In the end, he soon was named MVP for his football V team. Not only was he happy about it, but also the Cullen family.


            Mike Lupica is very much of a sports person based on the books he wrote which are sports. In my point of view he is very great with his writing. Although there were some inappropriate words throughout the story, I still enjoyed reading the book. He has great imaginations and uses good vocabulary. His words give readers heads up or some motivational quotes. Mike influenced to never give up no matter what because in the end, you’ll end up winning over anything that intends to weaken you. He is great author and I’m forward to more of his books.


This book has taught me very well to become very successful in life and to enjoy life as well. Sports is mainly all about having fun because you meet new people and get a shot to be the best at your main sport. In this book there is a lot of sentence that influence to become stay strong and never give up, for example, “To gain more yards, you have to work and play hard” (109). This book is by far my favorite book. It has taught me great lessons to keep moving forward and it’s just motivates me to join sport. Overall I give this book a hundred percent excellent book.
 "To gain more yards, you got to work hard and play hard" (109).


Saving Private Ryan by Max Allan Collins

The book "Saving Private Ryan" by Max Allan Collins is an amazing book. The book is about a man named Captain John H. Miller and he goes into battle in Germany during the invasion of Normandy "Make a hole for the tanks". Just to save one man’s life during World War II and bring him back to the U.S. so that he can be with his parents because he is the last of four servicemen.

My experience of reading the book is that it is amazing and is brilliant. The book did not relate to me because I have never been in a war with anybody or ever disliked nor ever wanted to fight or cause a problem with someone. "Stay low in case they return fire at us through those bushes".

The author’s type of writing is he expresses the feeling that most of the men have on what is going on during the war wondering if they would die or the person they know. Captain John H. Miller was telling all of his men that it was going to be okay. One of Millers men said “Captain could you make a promise that we would get out of here alive” then Miller responded saying that he doesn't keep promises.  

  The type of reader that would like this book or enjoy it would be a person who would like to read books that are about realistic events that happened and book that are filled with history.

Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher

In the book, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher it is a must see book!! In the novel, Hannah Baker is a girl who is planning on committing suicide. She would record herself and put them in the tapes. So she could tell the people who she wanted to know thirteen reasons why she committed suicide because of the people like what they did to her or how they affected her life.
My experience of reading this book was exciting, sad, and most of all surprising. The one that was most surprising to me was “I knew what people said about me. All the rumors and lies that will always be a part of me” (211). This was surprising because why would people believe the rumors that everyone is talking about.
The author’s style of writing is how Asher likes to catch the reader’s attention by putting images in the readers head or wanting to know what’s going to happen next. By using imagery.Even how he writes in the book like his comment on the types and what Hannah is saying in the types. “You could have told me anything, Hannah” (219). Is an example what Clay is saying on what Hannah was saying in the tapes.
I had connected to the book because it says “I remember the last words we said to each other” (258). It connected to me because it reminds me of my grandpa because he had committed suicide a year ago and the last words I said were “Bye papa hope to see you soon”. And I never saw him ever since once I heard the news

The type of reader who would like this book is someone who likes to read mystery books or exciting parts and wanting to know why Hannah did what she did by ending her life. This is the type of reader who would like this book. I recommend it!

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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, follows the adventures of a conservative hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, 13 hungry dwarves and a persistent wizard. The characters travel through wild forests and mountains containing goblins, a dragon and other creatures. Bilbo is faces with situations that force him to find strength within himself. Before he was pulled out of the comfort of his own home, he was an introvert who did not take risks and now he finds himself on a quest to discover stolen treasure after his destiny was predicted. He may not know it now, but prophecies do not predict the future, they only set the events in place.

My experience of reading this book was amazing. While reading, I could not pull myself away and only found myself wanting more. I connected with Bilbo and how he felt about the world. The type of reader who would like The Hobbit is someone who enjoys adventure. Tolkien does an incredible job portraying Bilbo's adventures.

Bilbo was chosen to be the burglar in an adventure. Although he was against the idea, he was upset when he realized he had made a mistake when choosing not to go. When Bilbo decided he was participating, he found that he actually liked a good adventure. After experiencing it, his heart was ready for more. “While there’s life there’s hope!” (246).

Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit destined to be a thief meets a wizard named Gandalf who begins his journey. He is then introduced to Thorin, the leader of 13 dwarves who recover treasure. With the help of his crew Bilbo attempts to recover stolen treasure and the dwarves’ home from a dragon by the name of Smaug. He is dragged across Middle Earth and realizes how capable he really is.

Creative Response:
In The Hobbit, Tolkien includes multiple major themes. The theme that stood out to me the most is wisdom and knowledge. Although Bilbo needed both fate and magic to become a victorious hero, wisdom and knowledge were also necessary. The ring tends to make its bearer unwise and foolish, and Bilbo overcomes those obstacles by using his intelligence. Many times in my own life, I use my knowledge to guide me to the right path.


My book is about all different kind of poems. It’s such a wonderful book to read when you want to read about books. Any kind of poem and it’s there. I think that poems is a great way to chill and read when you want to get things about your mind. For example, if you love to read about all that love stuff and romantics. Its got it in this book. This book is just wonderful with all that romantic stuff. Or what about someone you lost and you want something to remind you of that person.Yes ! its got in here to. So many of these aurthor’s have wrote about their life. So, I think you can relate to them.

All of them express their feelings and what the they have been through just like YOU. Its a very wonderful book and thats why I think you or anyone should read it. You’re not a poem person? its fine but just try this book. I know you will love it. I love how this book haves anything in it. When I’m sad, it just haves something funny to get that sadness away. If I’m in the mood of laying down, then ill get the book out to make be feel even more better. Its a great book, I loved it so much.

"Hunger Games" By Suzanne Collins

Do you agree with teenagers slaughtering kids? “Hunger Games” written by Suzanna Collins consists of a lot of action and suspense. In the story, ever year one male and female from each 12 district’s  gets sent out to the capitol. Once in the capitol, they enter to participate in the  Hunger Games, where each tribute will battle to the death against all other tributes until there is only one survivor. The Hunger Game’s event is to remind all the people from the great war that occurred in the past, and how peace should be kept and hoping that war doesn’t continue in the future. It’s kind of Ironic how the Hunger Game’s is supposed to keep peace between the districts though
            The main character in the story is katniss everdeen and peeta mellark. Katniss volunteer’s to play as a female tribute instead of her sister prim and peeta gets called as male tribute, they are both in the same district, district 12. Katniss goes on an adventure in the capitol, training and meeting new people and trying to get as much sponsors as possible then later finding out that Peeta has feelings for her.
             Afterwards Katniss then enters the hunger game and plans mainly to survive but not to kill from my perspective. Katniss has a negative/angry personality throughout the story like thinking and saying that she won’t survive the Hunger games that she is weak.  The characters all have a unique role in the story that you will begin to have some connections with them.
 I would recommend this book to anybody, it’s one of the books that won’t waste your time and will take you on a long reading adventure that you won’t be able to stop by how interesting the story begins to accumulate throughout the chapters. A little spoiler that I will give you i that there is some sadness throughout the story that it might shed off some tear from your eyes. Sometimes we just need to learn to trust, be sure that it will be me. You will love this book!

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

In the book filled with disastrous, drama, and mystery brings us to a novel, ‘’ The Lovely Bones.’’ by Alice Sebold. ‘’ The Lovely Bones’’ is heartbreaking and audience will be flabbergasted of the story line and ending. Basically, it’s a story of a fourteen year old girl who has been raped and murdered. She is able to watch her family and friends from her own Heaven.  ‘’ The dead are never exactly seen by the living, but many people seem acutely aware of something changed around them. They speak of a chill in the air.’’ (36) As family and friends struggle to move on with their lives as they once knew when Susie Salmon was alive.

Life doesn’t remain the same for anybody that knew her. This includes her caring father. Who in fact is trying to find her killer and out an end to this catastrophe. Her parents are affected of her death. ‘’ In those first two months my mother and father moved in opposite directions from each other. One stayed in, the other went out.’’ (86) Susie felt abandon from her loves one and feels so lonely in Heaven. ‘’Heavens where like a girl like me didn’t fit in. Were they horrific, these other heavens? Worse than feeling so solitary among one’s living growing peers? Or were they the stuff I dreamed about?’’ (119)

The connections I made to this book were amazing because I felt exactly how Susie’s sister felt. Her sister, Lindsey had a hard time of overcoming her sister’s death.  That’s exactly how I felt when my uncle passed away a few years ago. In Susie’s perspective she discussed ‘’ The morning of my memorial Lindsey stayed in her room for as long as she could.’’ (105) It was hard to handle my uncle’s death and I know exactly how Lindsey feels. The book reaches to a full extent of dramatic and sadness it brings upon readers. Readers should recommend this book.


Creative Response: Alice Sebold was born on September 6, 1963 in Madison, Wisconsin. While being in college she was raped. Her incident lead to a memoir she wrote, Lucky. But, in the Lovely Bones it relates to Susie’s situation.’’ I knew he was going to kill me. I did not realize then that I was a animal dying. ‘’ (14)

Butter by Erin Jade Lange

Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan

When having a hard time in life you must let someone know what is going on. Darcy Wills found out that when going through a hard time. Darcy was the one to worry about everything and anyone because she does not want anything negative to happen to them.

In the the book Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan, Darcy always had a hard time sleeping because of problems going on at her house. Her parents would argue almost every night. She would always stay up at night by her parents door to listen to what they were saying, trying to figure out why they were arguing. “Darcy Wills hid in the dark hallway listening to the sound of her mother’s weary voice”(1). When Darcy was at work she would also have a hard time. She would have to deal with rude customers that she could not tolerate. When Duane walks into the ice cream shop he walks out with a smart remark to Darcy. “Keep the change. he said, leaving an extra quarter on the counter as if he was being generous”(22). But one day she sees her ex best friend Brisana walk into the door with her boyfriend Duane. Darcy could not recognize Brisana until she came up closer. Brisana looked way different to Darcy. She looked different, she wore different clothing, did different hairstyles, and even had a different attitude. Brisana walked into the ice cream shop surprised to see Darcy, but then she seems to not care to see darcy when she starts talking about Darcys clothes. “Brisana had no room to talk about clothes, not the way she was dressed”(19),  Which had worried Darcy a lot.

Darcy also had problems with having boyfriends. Darcys first real boyfriend had traumatize Darcy, giving her nightmares, being uncomfortable around boys and even being concerned about her little sister that had a boyfriend, which is the summer of secrets. When her new best friend Tarah tries to hook up Darcy with her cousin Troy Darcy does not know what to do. She gets nervous and starts getting flashbacks when Troy tries to talk to her and hold her hand. “Don’t do this. Not now, she thought. Please not now”(95). When she sees her sister with a boy she worries about if her sister knows what boys can actually do to girl without them even know its going to happen. “Yeah, well I just hope she knows what shes doing”(89). After everything Darcy finds out a even worst secret than hers. Brisana told Darcy a secret that made Darcy worry more than she worried about her own secret.

The theme of this book is stand  for yourself. I chose that theme because Darcy does not know what to do. But the only thing anyone can do is stand for themselves and do not let anything bring you down. But what does Darcy then do about all this commotion? Can she solve all  her problems and stand up for herself?

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The book just had so many realistic life problems, which made an interesting life lesson for all teenagers and even adults. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It tells you a truly great life lesson that can help many people in many different situations. No I can not related anyway in this book or I do not have any problems like her situations but if any come up I will be sure to know how to solve my problems or get them off my shoulder.

If you ever gotten bullied in your life you might relate to this has anyone ever bullied you or made you feel weak, worthless, or lowered your esteem? The Bully by Paul Langan tells us about someone who might have gone through it as well.

The Book is about this really skinny, small African American boy named Darrell, he is a new freshmen at Bluford. He doesn't know no one. There’s this kid named Tyray’s his big,and tall. He's the bully of the school.  Tyray picks on Darrell when they first meet.

A lot of people go through bullying and lots of people see it, but some don't. Kids commit suicide, because of bully people don't know what to do because they are afraid it will get worst. So then some kids hurt themselves, parents wouldn't believe what their kid is doing. So they can be free.

I've never known anyone that has commits suicide. And it’s surprising how many people actually doing it without realizing what other people who care might feel. Bullying brings down people. If I see bullying I'll say something, I wouldn't stay quite. Bully doesn't just hurt one person but many who care about the victim.

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Michael Jordan By Matt Christopher

This book “Michael Jordan” by Matt Christopher is full of detail and facts I never knew about Michael Jordan. This book is great for kids and teenagers who want to know more about Michael Jordan or for the ones who just like sports especially basketball. The book starts when Michael was young and the book begins to go into his career in college all the way to his retirement.
 Christopher explained how you can come from humble beginnings to becoming one of the greats “Michael spent hours at the Rack (His Homemade basketball court) practicing dribbling, shooting…” (pg.9). Most other books do not go as deep into Michael’s career when he was younger. His parents played a big role in his success Matt Christopher explains this by saying “Michael Jordan credits his parents James and Deloris Jordan, with teaching him the value of hard work” (pg.5). His father pushed Jordan to get better by never letting up on him Christopher quoted “When James Jordan played with his son, he did not ease off and allow them to win” (pg.8).
 Matt Christopher gives great description about his career and how other people viewed Michael. He gives quotes like “When I first got here, I thought everybody was a superstar. Now I realize I’m as good as everybody else” (pg.28). In that quote Michael shows how he used to feel less than everyone else but he finally felt as good if not better than everyone else. Michael Jordan never stopped after he completed a goal.
Thought Michael’s life he was never the one to give up without a fight. He once said “I never felt the desire to rest on what I had accomplished” (pg.4). His career exploded and people finally seen him as more than a great player in the NBA. Christopher quoted Magic Johnson saying “there’s Michael Jordan, then there’s the rest of us”. Michael had a legendary career in the NBA his determination and effort made him above average. Michael always gives his all since his younger years. Michael has done many accomplishes outside of basketball and Matt Christopher said it right “One thing at least is certain: Whatever Michael Jordan chooses to do, he’ll give his all” (pg.162).

Creative Response

I like to read about Michael Jordan. Matt Christopher gave great descriptions on how he became a great player. From what I read greatness isn't easy. I can relate to Michael Jordan Practicing in the dirt in his backyard. I learned to never give up and if things go the wrong way, work even harder. His hard work gave him an unbreakable work ethic. Overall from reading this book I learned your work should match how bad you want it .

Stout, Glenn, Stephanie Peters, and Matt Christopher. Michael Jordan. New York: Little, Brown for Young Readers, 2008. Print.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is a first person story with two narrators and two main characters. The book is filled with suspense action and it has a classic theme of good vs. evil.

Carter and Sadie are the main characters. Carter travels the world with his father and Sadie lives in London with their Grandparents. Sadie only gets to see her dad once a year, and that is on Christmas. But this time thing get out of hand when their dad goes missing through the ground in a museum. He is trying to summon a Great Egyptian god Osiris, but accidentally summons the evil god Set.”You think the house can stop me? Those old fools can’t even stop arguing among themselves. Now let the story be told anew. And this time you shall never rise!”(26). Said Set. From this point on Sadie and Carter’s mission is to stop set from destroying the word. They find out that they have powers, because both their parents are descendants from really powerful Egyptian gods. “The two of you… you come from the blood of two ancient families, both of which have a long, complicated history with the gods. You are the most powerful Kane children to be born in centuries.”(73). They both fight Set in Phoenix on Camelback mountain, Carter and Sadie can’t kill Set because he is too powerful. But they can trap him in a coffin, so he can’t do any more harm to the world.

The way Rick Riordan writes is fascinating in the way that it makes your sides on the front of your seat in suspense, but he also writes in a comical way sometimes.”Wha-what?” asked Sadie. “Nothing, were just being chased by slaying machines. Go back to sleep.”(118). “Wo-seer, i-ei. Osiris come” (23).in the story their dad is summoning Osiris and it is suspenseful because the reader does not know what the consequences are. I really like this book but I did not connect with it because I do not believe in the Egyptian gods, and how they worship them

. Riordan, Rick. The Red Pyramid. New York: Disney/Hyperion, 2010. Print.

Legend by Marie Lu

Shelby Plascencia

March 17, 2013

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“Legend” by Marie Lu is an exciting book filled with suspense, action, mystery and romance. It is about a 15 year old boy named Day who is the most wanted criminal of the Republic, what was once the American Southwest. “The republic doesn’t seem to know anything about me except that I’m young and that when they run my fingerprints they don’t find a match in their databases. That’s why they hate me, why I’m not the dangerous criminal in the country, but the most wanted. I make them look bad” (2).  Then there is June, the prodigy of the Republic and her older brother Metias. While on a mission to steal plaque cures for his family, Day runs into Metias, and Metias being the good soldier that he is, tries to capture Day. Day strikes Metias with a knife to his shoulder and the next thing you know Metias is dead and Day is the prime suspect. June decides to avenge her brother’s death and kill Day. “I will hunt you down. I will scour the streets of Los Angeles for you. Search every street in the republic if I have to. I will trick you, and deceive you, lie, cheat, and steal to find you, tempt you out of your hiding place, and chase you until you have nowhere else to run. I make you this promise: your life is mine” (45).  However, when she does find him she unexpectedly falls in love with him. “He has bright blue eyes, dirt on his face, and a beat-up old cap, and at this moment, I think he might be the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen” (109). Throughout the book June is torn between her lover and her precious country.

My experience reading this book was great because I really enjoyed all of the action. “I swing toward the window and let go of the knife buried in the wall. The window shatters and I’m suddenly out in the night falling, falling, falling like a star to the first floor” (31). Just from these couple of sentences you can tell how much action is involved, and who doesn’t think jumping out of a two and a half story building is heart racing? The author’s style of writing is appropriate and accustomed to each of the characters. “What do you want for the cure, cousin?” says Day (77). Day uses words that people in his section would use, such as ‘cousin’, whereas June would speak more formally. I can easily connect to June and her motives. June is defiant, and even though I’m not that defiant I hate being bossed around too. Also if someone killed my brother, I would want revenge too. The type of reader who would like this book is someone who likes action and a little bit of romance. If you like books such as the Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or The Percy Jackson series, this is definitely the book for you! 

Lu, Marie. Legend. Vol. 1. Waterville, Me.: Thorndike, 2012. Print. Legend

Creative Response:

Marie Lu was born in Beijing, China in 1984 and her given name is Xiwei. In 1989, the Chinese Cultural Revolution influenced her family to pack up and move to Texas. She later on went to study at The University of Southern California. After that she came up with the idea of Legend while watching Les Misérables. The series became a great success almost immediately. She currently lives in Pasadena, California with her boyfriend and her three dogs.  She now works full time on her writing and as an art director for a video gaming company.

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

    In the fantasy, Peter Pan takes place in London with a young lady named Wendy Darling who lives in a nursery with her brothers, John and Michael. Wendy enjoys telling stories about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White and especially about a boy who can fly name Peter Pan. The author, J. M. Barrie based the book from his mother who faced the same way that Wendy is living. The boy came in the nursery with a tinkling sprite, Tinker Bell. He invites Wendy to Neverland to be his “mother”.  The phrase that Peter says in the book is where he lives: "Second to the right and then straight on till morning". The conflict of the book is that Peter Pan must defeat his arch nemesis, Captain James Hook. The children arrive to the enchanted world with Indian Tribes and realistic mermaids with some Lost Boys of Kensington Gardens. I thought the book was fascinating because the story is based on the author's mom childhood.

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

In the book Someone like you by Sarah Dessen is a fictional story about two teenage girls that have a lot of problems coming towards theme a lot of tragedy, and family problem. This book is a first person story. It really captures your attention. This book gives you a lot of imagery; teenager’s lives situations, and problems.

This book captured my attention because Dessen showed a lot of imagery in this book for example "The bell rang then, loud and jarring and bounding off the walls of the huge, hollow gym as everyone stood up."(69) While I was reading the imagery it was so amazing i could actually picture the image in real life form. Dessen wrote a Lot of books but if you’re into teenage stories then you should read her books. Also if you just want to read books that have a lot of imagery. I especially recommend this book to readers out their.

Dessen style of writing is in first person "I got signed up for the all the wrong classes."(53) I connected to Scarlett pregnancy to my sisters pregnancy because Scarlett never told anyone about it as well as my sister. Someone like you has a lot of teenage complex with family, lovers, and friends.


This novel Frannie in Pieces by Delia Ephron is about a mystery of solving a puzzle and see what happens next in the book of events. Frannie wonders how her dad died and what happened to him. She discovers an elegant wooden box within an inscription, Frances Anne 1000. Inside, Frannie finds one-thousand hand-painted and carved puzzle pieces. Simon is an artist.

My experience of reading this book was interesting, sad, and about friendship. "You guys have been friends forever, Frannie "(44). My experience is reading this book gives you facts about what you don't get while reading this book like, Aerosol what this word means in the book, "Aerosol is known to contain Chlorofluorocarbons a breakdown the ozone and cause global warning." (172)
She wonders if her father had a premonition of his death and finished her birthday present early. Feeling broken into pieces herself, Frannie slowly puts the puzzle together, bit by bit.

The author style of writing is she's descriptive in her writing. The author makes an image in what she sees. "The photo shots to taken of Dad." (93) The author describes the Chef and how creative he is. "no logical sense ( a la mode means with ice cream, so what does that have to do with a chicken and a sprig of rosemary?) but Jenna lights up when she describes what he does.(169) The author uses image and simile to compare a volleyball to an object. She's describing how she sees the volleyball and the image in the book. " He probably gets easily fried, because his skin is as white as a volleyball." Image of a volleyball sunburned.( 182)

I connected with Frannie because she arrives in the kitchen and eats whatever she sees and wants to eat all kinds of candy and food. Another connection I have is watching a PG 13 movie. I like to watch any movie with action, funny, and entertainment to enjoy watching the movies. The type of reader that would read this book is someone who will like mystery and tries to predict what will happen next.In conclusion, this book was fun to read because there are some funny parts. The characters are descriptive and the settings. I would recommend people to read this book. People would enjoy this book and would want to continue on reading whatwillhappennext.


                                                                                                                                    Alexa Felix

                                                                                                                        March 24, 2014

                                                                                                                                    7th hour


            The book “Dramarama” by E. Lockhart gave me a different look and feel while reading this book. I felt has if I had a personal connection with the story. The way the author wrote the book didn’t make it so oblivious that I was reading a book. As soon as I opened the first page, a movie started to play in my head. With the first page being dialogue like a play when Demi says “Is it on?” (pg.1), an image and movie played in my head.

            The story is a girl and a gay boy meeting at a small ordinary town. When the girl meets the boy she finds her soul mate, but since he is gay, her best friend who she loves. He brought out the real her, she finally has the chance to be herself and talk about theater and classical films and music. No one in her town liked that type of stuff. “Sarah’s dull, mild and boring. Are you dull mild and boring?” Asked Demi (the boy) (pg. 20).  When they both auditioned for a school of the arts, they decided to change Sarah’s name to Sandra.

            This audition was just what they both needed to get themselves out of the small boring town they were in. THEY WERE BOTH ACCEPTED. It was a great experience for them, but of course you put a whole bunch theater kids together there definitely WILL be tension, drama, and conflicts. There’s all you can think about in this book. Tears, Sweat, laughers, fights, love triangles, broken hearts. It’s a journey for these two “ordinary” kids.

T perform isn’t to show

To speak isn’t to tell

To act isn’t to pretend

To dance isn’t to move

Its more then to show , to perform is to express. To speak is to be heard, make a statement. To act is to change and adapt. To dance is to explain words and feelings with your body.


Freedom writers Diary by Erin Gruwell

My experience with reading this book was great and I learned a lot from it. I learned what these students went through and what life was for them. Even though, no one believed in them and most of their teachers gave up on them, there was always the one teacher who believed in them. This teacher was Ms. Erin Gruwell who is the creator of the Freedom Writers. She helped the kids see the light and inspired and motivated them to learn because education is the key to success. I think kids who have been through a tough life, or discriminated against, would like this book because it is very inspiring. This book will help them see that these kids got through their tough situation and maybe they can too by believing in themselves. “Society just doesn’t care about young people anymore, even if we are the future” (105). This is an example of how these kids felt everyday and why they didn’t care about their own education. I kind of agree with this quote because there are stereotypes in our society that reinforce that all black kids are gangsters or all Latinos are drug dealers, but that is not true. If you are a person of color, then it is assumed that you are a bad influence, or you do not want a future.
The Freedom Writer’s Diary by Erin Gruwell, begins with a situation that happened in Ms. Gruwell’s class. The kids in the class were bullying each other and putting each other down. The kids in her class were very separated by race. They did not interact as a class. They all felt as though the world was against them and the only people they could trust was their own people. A major incident that occurred in the class was that Ms. Gruwell found a note that was passed in the class. She found a note that was a picture of a black boy who had over exaggerated some facial features. Ms. Gruwell told them that this was a note full of hate and that this kind of hate was what had led to the Holocaust. She was surprised to find out that these kids had never heard about the Holocaust. She decided to introduce two books to the class so they could feel what it felt to be discriminated against or killed for no reason. The books the class read together were, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and Zlata’s Diary. Through these books, the students discovered how hard a life was for both of these girls, but even though it was so hard, they had the spirit and the strength to want to survive. The girls both used their personal diary writings to express how they felt, their emotions, and their fears, and their hopes to get through their hard times.
As a result, the students in Ms. Gruwell’s class began to write their own personal diary entries. The Freedom Writers Diary is a collection of the student’s diary entries and their experience as a class. This book is written in a diary format which showed what the kids went through in their daily lives. Each diary entry is written by a different student in Ms. Gruwell’s class. The diary entries are very real and express their relationships and emotions, and their life struggles. “It would be easy to become a victim of our circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chains of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it’’(210).
MLA Format : Gruwell, Erin. Freedom Writers Dairy. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.