Thursday, April 10, 2014

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel a vampire romance novel, not just any old vampire romance novel. The 600 year old British vampire queen Lenah Beaudonte decides she has had enough of being immortal. She wants to feel her heart beat, the sun on her skin, and to have her lungs fill with air. Lenah, who gets transformed back into human by the love of her life, her created named Rhode. But being human comes with a price tag, it would give her coven a shock and her love would be dead for good. In becoming a human she is going to have to attend a boarding school, learn new technology and fit in with a whole new society. While her coven is unaware that she will be human again her other “love” won’t be happy. Besides that fact that she is 600 years old she looks like the age she was when she was turned. Which is 16.

Maizel’s novel infinite days is a book you’ve never read before. She put a whole different meaning to a “vampire novel”. The story line is fantastic and has a plot twist you would never suspect to happen. Your probably thinking it doesn’t sound much like a romance, but believe me Lenah has a dead boyfriend, a lover from her coven, and a crush on the most popular guy in school, not mention a secret admirer. I’m not going to lie, you will be disappointed when the book ends, it’s so intense and you just don’t want it to ever end.

MLA citation: Maizel, Rebecca. Infinite Days: A Vampire Queen Novel. New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2010. Print.

Creative Response: A poem from a website, the author is anonymous. 

Hind sight is such a funny thing
So true that you never know
What you go until its gone

The things that were so 
Annoying and irritating
Overwhelmed all that was good
And pure

Nothing left but sad memories of
What was, what is, what could
Have been what we will never be

Love has fed upon our souls

To me this poem connects to the main character Lenah and her former lover Rhode. In Infinite Days Rhode has made a lot of tough decisions in his life in order for Lenah to be happy. Not all memories she has of him are the best.

Swallowing Stones by Joyle McDonald

         Alexis Marina
In my opinion about the book Swallowing Stones, was a legitimate book, but it was not the type of book or genre I would like to read. The book was kind of dramatic in a way. I don’t like that from my personal opinion. I do give credit to the author, because he gave a great description and specific words about everything that was going on the book. The only part of the book that I liked the most was when one of the main characters of the book named Michael cheats on his girlfriend for another girl at a party. He feels ashamed of that. I don’t really like dramatic books, but in this occasion, that conflict was my favorite part of the book.
There was many interesting parts of the book but I felt like the characters were just mentioned every once in a while. Like, you read about them, then you don’t hear about them for a while. I really disliked that about the book. Overall the book was great but not my type of book I would read again. The book was not very bad. The introduction of the book was great, that’s one of the main reasons why i started reading the book. The introduction is what grabbed my attention to keep reading the book. The writing was extremely well written. The drama and genre is what I did not quite like too much.
i have had many experiences connecting with the book. i will use this book as a recourse as well, because it sucks to kiss a girl when you like someone else. i could definitely use this book to connect with situations i have had in my life with people. Not only that but with myself as well.
McDonald, Joyce. Swallowing Stones. New York: Delacorte, 1997. Print